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Mass Effect Andromeda: Why The Game Could Flop

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One Of The Ryder Siblings' Skills In The Game
Ryder Unleashing One Of The Powers In Mass Effect Andromeda [Image Courtesy Of Mass Effect Andromeda Official Website]

Mass Effect Andromeda launches tomorrow for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s easily one of the most anticipated titles of 2017 and even after the negative comments on the game, things are still looking pretty good for the shooter. We shouldn’t be too confident though as there are a few reasons why the game could be a failure after all the hype.

The Faces

This shouldn’t be a big issue, but when being compared to how the characters looked like in the original trilogy, the ones in Mass Effect Andromeda feels like it should be placed in the previous gen of consoles. Since the game features a deep story, the characters play a huge role in drawing in players. The immersive experience could get ruined if the characters barely show any expression.

Players will have to socialize with various NPCs and the crew of the Tempest in the game. Bioware’s lack of attention to detail in the facial expressions of the characters could be the game’s biggest weakness that fans will always point out.

The Content

There’s no doubting that Mass Effect Andromeda is large, and there’s a lot to dig into the upcoming game. However, too much content could be problematic for the game as well. With a ton of side activities, NPCs to talk to, things to explore and many more, players might get overwhelmed.

We also have to consider how diverse these side activities might be. Since Bioware might have squeezed in a ton of things to do, there’s a good chance that there might be little variety in many of the missions. More content doesn’t necessarily mean better. 

The Bar Set By The Original Trilogy

Although the original Mass Effect isn’t considered as one of the best games of the previous gen, we at least have to acknowledge the trilogy as one of the best Western RPGs on last gen platforms. This bar set by the original trilogy could be way too high and Mass Effect Andromeda might not be able to surpass it.

For now, it’s obvious that the upcoming game’s squad system is a downgraded version of the one in the original trilogy. If there are a ton of downgraded features aside from the squad system and the animations, then Mass Effect Andromeda might suffer the same fate as Star Wars Episode I which failed to live up to the original trilogy’s hype.

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