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Mass Effect Andromeda Combat Mechanics: Everything We Know So Far

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A Showcase Of What Mass Effect Andromeda Has To Offer
Alec Ryder Looking Over A Planet From The Tempest [Image Taken from Mass Effect Andromeda Official Website]

Bioware’s Mass Effect Andromeda is shaping to be one of the most anticipated titles of this year, and it’s going to launch soon. The release date for the game was revealed to be on March 21 for all platforms. The developer also recently launched a new gameplay trailer that focuses on the game’s combat. Here’s everything we know about the Mass Effect Andromeda combat system.

Back to Its Roots

The Mass Effect Andromeda combat system looks pretty similar to the ones from the original trilogy and plays the same as well. It’s going to be fast-paced and players will need to rely on weapons and skills. Battles will take place in areas of varying sizes, so players will have to adapt to their surroundings as well. Perhaps the best part of combat is that players can take to the skies for a short time.

Skill Tree

The next Mass Effect will dig deeper into the RPG genre by giving players access to a skill tree. From the look of things, the Mass Effect Andromeda combat will be greatly affected by the skills the players choose. In the recent trailer,we got a look at the Flamethrower skill which falls under the tech tree. With the skill, the Ryder siblings can incinerate enemies ‘ala wizard. We’ve yet to know what the other skills are and it’s likely that Bioware will give more previews soon.

Huge Bosses

A couple of months ago, the developer revealed that players will come across huge bosses in the game. These creatures will be optional and will be found on every planet. They’ll act like a super boss in the game and are likely part of the endgame content for Mass Effect Andromeda. We’re all pretty excited to see what these huge bosses will be, but fans should surely expect a tough time beating them.

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