Mass Effect Andromeda Cheats: Infinite Shield Regeneration Exploit To Increase Your Survivability

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Mass Effect Andromeda Cheats
Source: MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Cinematic Trailer #2 video

Shields in Mass Effect Andromeda can fully regenerate during battles as long as the character avoids receiving damage for a certain period of time. Effective shield management can allow you to last longer in battles. However, fans seem to have found an exploit that allows players to fully recover their shield upon reloading their weapon.

Infinite Shields

Lovestospooge11’s thread on the Mass Effect Andromeda subreddit shared the shield exploit that needs the Shield Oscillator mod. This mod allows players to partially recover shield upon reloading their gun. The exploit works at its best by attaching the Shield Oscillator mod to guns that take long to reload.

To do the exploit, players simply need to reload their gun to regenerate their shields. Before the reload animation ends, players should execute a dash to cancel the reload animation. Since the gun is still empty, players can keep doing this trick to refill their shields to maximum.


The Mass Effect Andromeda shield exploit still has some weakness even when it seems broken. Players may get into some bad position if they keep on rolling aimlessly to regenerate their shield. This trick also doesn’t render the character invincible if the enemy damage output is higher than what the exploit can recover. Players will need to secure a safe location before doing this trick.

Health System

Mass Effect Andromeda’s health system gives players two life bars: shields and health. Only shields regenerate during battles, while health can only be replenished via health packs or approaching a Forward Station. Players are considered dead if their health hits zero, which makes it crucial to manage your life bars carefully. Your squadmates are only put in a downed state and can be revived, but this doesn’t apply to Ryder.

Taking damage will deplete your shields first and will only start chipping off your health once it runs out. However, the shield exploit allows you to indefinitely heal your shields. If done correctly, enemies may never be able to breach your shields and kill you.

Potential Upgrade Opportunity Cost

This shield exploit may effectively render shield upgrades useless unless enemies breach it faster than players can heal it. Players can just upgrade it until the exploit has enough room to make it work effectively. Players can opt to get focus on other builds first if they choose to rely on this exploit.

Mass Effect Andromeda so far

Currently, EA is planning to release a Mass Effect Andromeda patch to fix its current issues. However, they refuse to drop any release dates and will just implement it once its done. Potentially, this Mass Effect Andromeda shield exploit could also be fixed unless they intended the Shield Oscillator to work that way. Stay updated with more Mass Effect Andromeda news here on The BitBag.

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