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Mass Effect Andromeda Characters, Face Scans, Pre-Order Discount & More Gameplay Details

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Mass Effect andromeda characters

It appears that all Mass Effect Andromeda characters, which include the customizable ones, are going to be based on face scans. Apparently, the team behind the game is putting a lot of efforts into developing the game.

Mass Effect Andromeda Characters

Mass Effect Andromeda, the newest entry in the Mass Effect franchise brought to us by BioWare promises to be one of the greatest RPG game of 2017. Following the official 4K gameplay trailer back in a few weeks, there isn?t much to talk about the game. Fortunately, new details have recently surfaced on the Internet that would delight the fans of the long-running video game franchise.

Mac Walters who happens to be Mass Effect Andromeda?s Creative Director revealed some information. Using his own official Twitter profile, Walters talked about the characters in the game. In fact, he confirmed to a fan that all the characters of the game, which includes the customizable ones, will be based on face scans.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay

Apparently, Walters confirmed that Tempest might not have access to the entirety of the Andromeda galaxy. As for the people who are unaware, Tempest is the ship that will be used by the players to explore the Galaxy and find a new home.

According to the website Wccftech, Mass Effect Andromeda is coming with PlayStation 4 Pro support. On the negative side, people who are looking forward to the game, as well as the Xbox Scorpio are going to be a bit disappointed. Apparently, producer Michael Gamble stated that they have no plans for Project Scorpio support at the present time.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date & Pre-Order + Discount

Mass Effect andromeda characters

Meanwhile, people who are eager to pre-order the game might want to have a look at CDKEYS. At the present time, they are hosting a pre-order for the PC version of the game for only $41.19. In addition, using the code CDKEYSXMAS10 will land the user another 10% price reduction.

As for the release date, Mass Effect Andromeda is predicted to be arriving in Q1 2017. Specifically, the game will likely release sometime in March if the predictions are proven true.

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