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Mass Effect Andromeda: Game-Breaking Bug Can Waste Hours Of Progress

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mass effect andromeda
An official Mass Effect image. [Image from the Mass Effect webite]

The latest entry in the Mass Effect series is a bit of the black sheep in the franchise as it fails to reach many of the bars set by the original trilogy. Aside from that, the game is plagued with a few bugs up until now, and they even ruin the progress of players. One Mass Effect Andromeda bug in particular sets the player back a few hours of game time if he/she gets a little careless.

Redditor sabrenation81 shares a really game-breaking bug that caused him a lot of progress during one of the main campaign missions. The mission in question is the one in planet Voeld and the mission itself requires the player to rescue a scientist from Kett. If players aren’t used to saving often, they could lose quite the progress during the mission in Mass Effect Andromeda.

“I’m currently on the quest to rescue the scientist from the Kett on Voeld. I went through the mission and released him from his cell at which point you are told to speak with him to continue the mission. Well, when he left his cell he got stuck in a railing while running down the ramp. This left me unable to actually talk to him,” says the player.

After that, the player tried a few steps to fix the issue. The first involves using fast travel to travel outside and headed back inside the cell to see if the scientist is out. The scientist was locked behind again, but the player was unable to unlock the cell, making it impossible to talk to the scientist.

He then moved to another planet and he headed back to Voeld only to see that the scientist is still stuck in the cell. The only thing the player did to solve the issue was to reload a save before the bug but it caused him quite the progress. What makes the matter worst is that it’s a story mission, so it cannot be skipped. More players affected by this game-breaking bug can be seen on kiwibreakfast‘s thread. 

Bioware is yet to address the issue so for now. It’s best to take caution when playing the game. The best solution for now is to create multiple save files. It’s likely they will deploy a new patch with all their promised tweaks alongside their new multiplayer additions

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