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Mass Effect Andromeda Beta And EA Access Anticipated As Release Date Gets Announced

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Now that the release date has been confirmed, fans cannot wait for the Mass Effect: Andromeda beta. After a seemingly false leak on the Xbox Live page, EA has officially stated that the game would be out by March 21, which is fairly early. Xbox One fans are now wondering if the highly anticipated RPG will come early to them via EA Access.

For those unaware, EA Access is a service that lets Xbox One players try a game 10 days before release. Titles like Mirror?s Edge: Catalyst were available in the service, so the new Mass Effect is definitely eligible. However, there doesn?t seem to be any official word on that, though most fans are more hyped for the beta.

Beta Be Good

A multiplayer Mass Effect: Andromeda beta was confirmed sometime last year, which excited many a gamer. However, the excitement almost went down when players saw how long the survey for it was. Oddly enough, there is still no official release date for the beta test as of this writing.

Since the game is coming out on March 21, there?s a good chance that the beta comes out in February. Maybe even early March, if EA really wants to tease players before the game?s official release. It?s worth mentioning that the beta seems to be for PS4 and Xbox One, according to Gamespot.

Mass Effect: Access

While the Mass Effect: Andromeda beta is exciting, Xbox One fans also have EA Access to look forward to. However, EA has yet to confirm if Andromeda will have EA Access, though Bioware GM Aaryn Flynn did leave a vague Tweet. The EA Access website has no information regarding Andromeda, though the release was just announced.

Considering how titles like Mirror?s Edge: Catalyst received EA Access, there?s a good chance that the new Mass Effect also will. After all, it is a game from EA and they probably want to make the most out of this Xbox One service. It will be interesting to see if players can transfer their EA Access save file to the real game.

For more on the Mass Effect: Andromeda beta, stay tuned. The actual game comes out on March 21 for PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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