Mass Effect Andromeda: Amazing Weapons You Should Craft

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Mass Effect Andromeda Romance
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We’ve seen the loadout worthy shotguns and assault rifles in Mass Effect Andromeda, but there are still a ton of weapons out there that are worth getting. If shotguns and assault rifles aren’t your thing, then it’s best to look elsewhere for taking care of the baddies. Here are other great weapons to find, create, and equip in the game.

Black Widow

If stealth is the preferred method in taking out enemies, then sniper rifles are definitely the way to go. Among all sniper rifles, the best one in the class is probably the Black Widow. Although it has a lower damage than other sniper rifles, the Black Widow has a clip size of 3. This would be easier as players will have a few backup shots if the first one misses. Players will also have more than enough bullets to kill some shielded enemies. 


If players prefer to play safe eliminate all enemies from afar, then the Isharay is an excellent weapon to have in Mass Effect Andromeda. It has the highest damage among all sniper rifles. However, unlike the Black Widow it only has one shot and it’s also a pretty heavy weapon to carry. Players can only kill one enemies at a time with the Isharay, making it difficult to recommend when enemies flank your character.

At best, the Isharay is a great weapon for raiding outposts where enemies passively defend their positions. Considering there’s only one bullet per magazine, players need to make their shots count


The Razerad is a unique weapon in Mass Effect Andromeda. It behaves differently from other weapons as the rate of fire increases the long the player holds the trigger. This would be an effective weapon against huge and slow enemies as each shot of the weapon will be put to use. Though it does not do much damage, players can take out chunks of HP with its gradually increasing rate of fire.

Asari Sword

Although building a full-on melee character in Mass Effect Andromeda is hard, it’s still doable. If players want to actually do this build or just use a melee weapon most of the time, then it’s time to grab the Asari Sword. This katana-like weapon deals the most damage out of all the melee weapons in the game. It has a pretty slow attack animation, but players shouldn’t worry as Ryder will blink out for a few seconds during the attack animation, which leaves him invulnerable for a short while.

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