Mass Effect Andromeda: Best Assault Rifles Players Should Craft

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A Combat Gameplay In Mass Effect Andromeda
Gameplay Footage Of Mass Effect Andromeda [Screenshot Captured From Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay]

Like in past Mass Effect games, combat plays a pivotal role in Bioware’s most recent entry in the series. There are a ton of weapons to collect and craft in the game and players have too many to choose from. However, there are some weapons in Mass Effect Andromeda that are worth working hard over as compared to the others.

There are a few weapon types in Mass Effect Andromeda and players can choose whatever suits their playstyle. Those who prefer an aggressive and fast-paced playstyle should consider getting an assault rifle. Here are some of the best assault rifles worth getting.

M-8 Avenger

The M-8 Avenger is perhaps one of the best assault rifles in the game. It has fully automatic fire so all players need to do is aim and hope that the M-8 Avenger hits critical spots. This weapon has perfect balance between clip size, accuracy and rate of fire, so players shouldn’t worry about one area being too weak.


Stat-wise, the M-8 Avenger and the Thokin don’t differ much from each other. The biggest downside of the Thokin is that it has less clip size as compared to the M-8 Avenger. However, aiming with the Thokin is significantly easier because it’s bullets track down targets, so players don’t need to have pinpoint accuracy. All they need with the Thokin is proper bullet management so they won’t reload in crucial moments.

M-37 Falcon

Out of all the assault rifles in the game, none can compare to the M-37 Falcon when it comes to pure power. Oddly enough, the game functions similarly to a grenade launcher, but it is still categorized as an assault rifle. It has a slow rate of fire and players will need to reload after every 6 shots. It compensates its downsides with amazing power. This weapon is more useful against huge and slow enemies so that every shot made is worth it.

N7 Valkyrie

This weapon in Mass Effect Andromeda has a slow rate of fire and clip size but has superb accuracy. However, the huge recoil in-between each shots makes it hard to use this weapon for long-range shooting. The N7 Valkyrie is one of the go to weapons for both close range and medium range encounters.

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