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Mass Effect Andromeda Romance And Flirting Can Get Extremely Awkward

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mass effect andromeda
A potential romance? [Image from official Mass Effect website]

Flirting is going to be one of the more interesting mechanics in the upcoming Mass Effect Andromeda. While the game has faced criticism for the past few weeks, there is still some excitement for the space RPG. Adding more to the excitement is the release of flirting videos from the game, showing cute and awkward moments.

It seems like the Ryder twins won’t always be smooth when flirting with certain characters in the game. That’s because the characters have specific preferences – some are straight, some are gay, some are bi — making them feel realistic. Overall, Mass Effect fans should be pleased by this, since it makes the NPCs feel like real characters.

Awkward Flirting

Video Game Sophistry has shared a Mass Effect Andromeda video, showing the female Ryder twin flirt with Suvi. It starts out fine and casual, until the female Ryder calls Suvi cute and it gets really awkward. That being said, at the end, Suvi reveals that she also finds the female Ryder twin attractive, so that’s good.

For now, it’s not clear if Suvi is a lesbian or has an open-mind regarding the gender she dates, however; if the leaked romance details prove to be true, she can only be romanced by Sara Ryder. Let’s hope that the game’s awkward animations don’t ruin any sweet moments between the two, which could be hilarious.

Better Flirting

While Suvi is a nice lesbian option Video Game Sophistry also shows a gay option for the male Ryder twin. In a much better flirting scene, it Gil wanting to play strip poker with the male Ryder and it’s not as awkward. Both characters seem pretty confident in their attraction to each other, which a lot of gamers will appreciate.

Like Suvi, it’s not clear if Gil is gay or open-minded, but it’s good to have options in Mass Effect Andromeda. It’ll be interesting to see if the game has a strip poker scene, since the title has plenty of fornication. Here is hoping that the animations aren’t too odd, though the voice work for these characters are pretty good.

Mass Effect Andromeda comes out later this week on March 21 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. While the game has been controversial in recent weeks, there is still some excitement for the RPG. Fans of Bioware should also check out Dragon Age: Inquisition, if they want a similar experience in a fantasy world.

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