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Mass Effect Andromeda Avela Kjar Romance Spotlight [Spoilers]

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Mass Effect Andromeda
Source: AVELA KJAR (OFFICIAL THREAD) Link: http://bsn.boards.net/thread/5444/avela-kjar-official-thread

Mass Effect Andromeda features some romantic options from its newly introduced alien races. Avela Kjar is an Angaran museum curator which the male Ryder can pursue. The official game’s romance guide confirms an Avela Kjar romance route, but their interaction seems to be a brief fling rather than a deep relationship.

Avela Kjar

Mass Effect Andromeda’s Avela Kjar is the curator of the Repository of History museum. Unlike the others who are wary of your presence, Avela is genuinely curious of the Pathfinder and the Milky Way Galaxy “aliens”. Players can flirt with Avela Kjar if they choose the right dialogue options.

Relationship Extent

According to StarlaBlaise’s post on the Mass Effect subreddit, the official romance guidebook lists Avela Kjar as a pursuable character. However, the relationship seems to be limited to flirting and a second kiss at best. The guide only lists brief flirting and no chances to have a committed relationship with her. If possible, a future Mass Effect Andromeda DLC can extend her story if she proves too popular for the fans.

Off-ship Romances

Since most of the player interactions usually circle around the player’s squadmates, it’s obvious that romantic relationships can happen. However, players are also able to pursue off-ship romances where the player’s partner is an NPC that never rides the Tempest and joins the player in their adventures. Usually, off-ship romances are only there for the story and give no bonus effects to the player.

Maxing out relationships with squadmates, romantic or not, is extremely optimal due to the loyalty bonuses it can give. Some skills or specific equipment can be unlocked through squadmate loyalty passives, which can make them an extremely reliable ally.

Mass Effect Andromeda Relationships

Romantic relationships in Mass Effect Andromeda are possible, but are only constrained by the partner character’s orientation. Some characters won’t mind the player character’s gender like Peebee and Vetra . Meanwhile, Cora and Liam will assert their preference to the player. The sex scenes usually come in at the end of some deeper relationship routes. 

Developers have also confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda will also cover real relationships and players can choose not to commit, but still be intimate with their partner. However, the choice may make a difference on their future interactions with these NPCs. However, players can maximize a squadmate’s performance if they spend enough time and keep them loyal to their character. Stay updated with more Mass Effect Andromeda news on TheBitBag.

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