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Mass Effect Andromeda Apex HQ: Multiplayer Companion App Now Available Worldwide

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The Mass Effect Andromeda Apex HQ App
A Look At The Mass Effect Andromeda Apex HQ App [Image Courtesy Of Apex App Website]

Players might’ve been too busy with the release of Mass Effect Andromeda today to notice a few other things that released recently. One of these is the companion app for Mass Effect Andromeda dubbed Apex HQ. The Mass Effect Andromeda Apex HQ app launched earlier for Android and iOS and those interested in getting the game should download the companion app.

The official twitter of Mass Effect Andromeda Apex HQ reveals that the companion app should be available worldwide today. It notes that if it’s not appearing on the app store yet, players should just refresh and wait for the app to reappear. The companion app will be pretty useful for Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer mode so it’s worth downloading. To download the app, players will need to have an iOS device with iOS 9.3 or later or an Android device with Android 6.1 or later.

If players are playing the game on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, they can log in with thire EA account that’s linked to their Gamertag or PlayStation Network Online ID.

The main purpose of the Mass Effect Andromeda Apex HQ is to “track your Multiplayer progression, manage your Strike Teams on the go, and edit your loadout while you’re away from the game,” according to the official website of Mass Effect Andromeda. It’ll be a good way to keep Strike Teams in check even when the player is away from playing the game.

There are quite a few things that players can do with the Mass Effect Andromeda Apex HQ app. Players can also check on a Prestige feature in the app. In the Prestige feature, players can check out a few sub categories including ranking, rating, collections, and achievements. Moreover, players can also checkout their progress on multiplayer challenges in one of the categories.

As for their characters, players can use the Apex HQ app for a host of things in the game. Using the app, players can customize their loadouts in the game while they’re away from their consoles. The app can also be used to spend skill points for the characters.

It’s a pretty interesting app that would make players have an easier time in the multiplayer content of Mass Effect Andromeda. It’ll be a good way to save a lot of time in the game while the player is away so it’s really worth getting if players are into Strike Team. Since the main game isn’t available yet in all regions, the companion is also a good way to satisfy your Mass Effect fix as the mobile app is playable even without owning the base game. 

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