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Mass Effect Andromeda: Action-Oriented or RPG-Focused?

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is set for release early next year, but we still practically know nothing about the game. A lot of the discussion surrounding Andromeda centers on whether or not the game will move further into action territory or return to its RPG roots.

How Do You want Mass Effect Andromeda To Play?

The first game in the series was an uneasy marriage between the two genres. Shooting and movement felt clunky, and the cover system was not up to modern standards. On the flip side, the game?s levelling and skill trees were pretty deep, allowing for some diversity when it came to building characters.

For Mass Effect 2, Bioware took the game to the opposite extreme. Core RPG systems like inventory and loot were gutted, while the leveling and progression mechanics were simplified. The action, however, was fast and satisfying, with the new skill combos and improved controls turning the game into one of the best cover shooters of the last generation.

The latest game in the series, Mass Effect 3, was essentially the perfect hybrid of the two. It featured a more complex and diverse leveling system while still retaining the smooth, cover-based action of its predecessor.

On the?official Bioware forums, a debate has already started on the direction players think Mass Effect Andromeda should take.

?ME1 was pretty clunky, but I’m willing to overlook a bit of clunkiness if a game allows me some wiggle room to engage my brain, and a story that’s at least good enough to catch my attention. ME2, on the other hand, had mechanics aimed for an age group that was probably still shoving crayons up their nose,? said user Paul E Dangerously.

Meanwhile Wright1978 said, ?For me ME2’s RPG elements win over ME1 because the elements that were there more refined even if elements like inventory were largely discarded. ME1 felt like a nice idea but the implementation ended up less than perfect. From the sounds of it they are channelling ME1 in some respects for inspiration, i just hope they are channelling ME2 too in terms of some of the RPG elements.?

What about you? What direction do you want Mass Effect Andromeda to take?

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