Mass Effect Andromeda Update 1.08: More Patches To Come, Says Bioware

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mass effect andromeda update 1.08
A big update is coming, with plenty of new features. [Image from Origin]

Bioware will release Mass Effect Andromeda update 1.08 soon, and it will make plenty of the game’s fans happy. Not only are there more options for creating your character, but the male Ryder finally has more same-sex romantic options. The developers have promised more updates in the future, so this could be the start of the game becoming great.

Aside from these changes, the company has also announced a number of fixes for single-player and multiplayer, for smoother playthroughs. Details surrounding the update are in the Bioware Blog, so players can see what the other improvements are. It will be interesting to see how many more updates are planned for the game, considering all the support promised.

Gay Ryder

While the female Ryder could be a lesbian, the male version of the character only had a few gay/bi options. Mass Effect Andromeda update 1.08 fixes that, as players can now hit on Jaal as a male, so that’s progressive. It was odd having limited gay relationships available, but at least there is one more option for players.

Since more updates are coming to Andromeda, there’s a possibility that we could see more romance options down the line. Only time will tell if it leads to more sex scenes with the alien races, but this update gives hope. Fans eager to make their Ryder gay should try the game out when the update is released, which is soon.

Listening To Feedback

Despite the amount of issues during the game’s release, it’s good to see Bioware fix these problems and promise updates. Previous updates tweaked the game’s visuals a bit, making faces less odd looking, so fans are pretty thankful for that. Mass Effect Andromeda update 1.08 is a step in the right direction, so the next patch should be better.

Even with all the game’s flaws, no one really thought Andromeda was a terrible game, it was just a bit disappointing. Many gamers hold the Mass Effect series in high regard, so seeing all of these flaws was sad for fans. The series will be put on ice for the moment, though the current game will still get updates from Bioware.

Mass Effect Andromeda is available now on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Expect the update to come out fairly soon, so fans will have a good reason to replay the game. For a less buggy Bioware experience, fans can get Dragon Age Inquisition on the same systems.

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