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Mass Effect 4 Possibly Set in a Different Galaxy

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Fans are expecting a lot from Bioware?s upcoming AAA sci-fi RPG, Mass Effect 4. And it appears that the development team has revealed some hints during the San Diego Comic Con on what we can expect from the game.

According to a source who attended Comic Con last weekend, the Bioware team at SDCC has ?strongly implied? that the game will be set in a different galaxy. Thus, the plot of a new installment may stay away from the story of the previous trilogy?s main character, Commander Shephard. This also suggests that players will be playing a new character in the game.

The game will also feature familiar elements from the previous titles, but the game will be more focused on exploration of planets with the Mako vehicle, according to the source.

Nothing has been confirmed by Bioware though as these are just speculations at the moment. Regardless, we could only expect Bioware not to disappoint us in the upcoming sequel. Hopefully this new game will turn out as awesome, if not better, than the first three. They also recently asked their fans to answer a survey to help them improve the game.

Mass Effect 4 is Bioware?s latest installment of the highly acclaimed series. The developers have only showed us a glimpse of the game during E3 2014. However, they did not provide any gameplay footage. Bioware has not officially announced the release date of the latest installment though this suggests that the game may still have a long way to go before it gets a release date. Several reports say the game will be released sometime in 2015 but there have been other speculations that it will be ready to be shipped come December this year.

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