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Mass Effect 2 Walkthrough and Guide Part 1: Choosing a Class and Carrying over a Game from Mass Effect 1

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Mass Effect 1 introduced you to your character, Shepard, and just how complicated our galaxy can be if we ever discover that Prothean Beacon on Mars. In Mass Effect 2, you can continue your game using your Mass Effect 1 save game and continue your Shepard?s story with your own decisions.

This part of the Mass Effect 2 walkthrough series will deal with choosing a difficulty and class. If you do have a previous ME 1 game, port it as you can get great added detail to the story. You can also start a new game with a new character and class. If you do decide to port your character from Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2, you get to choose one character skill on top of what new toons get.

When you start your game, you get to choose if you want to port your save. Make sure that you?re playing on the same PC where your ME 1 save is available and the game will find it for you. You also have to set your difficulty. Here are some things you should know about “difficulty”:

1. Casual ? the easiest setting with enemies hardly using powers and your Toughness and Damage greatly increased.

2. Normal ? for gamers who are familiar with FPS games, this is the best setting.

3. Veteran ? enemies use powers more frequently, are tougher, have better weapons and have better AI. A great setting for people who want a challenge.

4. Hardcore ? ideal for players who?ve finished the game once. Everything about enemies are upgraded while your base stats remain the same.

5. Insanity ? enemies are even tougher with upgraded weapons and seem to have no cooldown (I suppose I?m just imagining that though) and come with an extra Armor bar before you can hit their Health.

You also get to change your class in Mass Effect 2 (if you want to) but I suggest you check out what each class can do first:

1. Soldier

The best class for beginners since this class has the highest Toughness and focuses primarily on weapons. So even if you get hit, you won?t go down easily and recover your health easily. You can use any weapon you pick up (even a Sniper Rifle) and get access to all the types of ammo in the game.

  • Power Training:?Adrenaline Rush, Concussive Shot
  • Weapon Training:?Assault Rifle, Heavy Pistol, Shotgun, Sniper Rifle
  • Ammo Training:?Cryo, Disruptor, Incendiary


2. Infiltrator

This is the class for the rogues, the sneaks and the self-styled master thieves (and those who really are). You get to use the Sniper Rifle and get cloaking abilities for stealthy kills while your team distracts the enemy. You also get to hack any mechs that fight you to harm? fellow enemies.

  • Power Training:?AI Hacking, Incinerate, Tactical Cloak
  • Weapon Training:?Heavy Pistol, Sniper Rifle, Submachine Gun
  • Ammo Training:?Cryo, Disruptor


3. Vanguard

To say it?s a different game when you play Vanguard is an understatement. Combining OP biotics and the heaviest shotgun you can find, you can clear missions in shorter than ten minutes without even minding your team. When you?re a Vanguard, you run towards the enemies, even on a sliver of life and come out the last one standing. It?s the most violent, explosive and flashy class of all.

  • Power Training:?Charge, Pull, Shockwave
  • Weapon Training:?Heavy Pistol, Shotgun, Submachine Gun
  • Ammo Training:?Cryo, Incendiary


4. Sentinel

When you can?t decide between Tech and Biotics, this is the class to get. What I like most about this class is that it has Overload, which is a must-have for any squad you make. It takes out shields and mechs with devastating damage. Take note that you can?t use large guns at all. It? s a versatile class since you can handle mechs and organics easily with your powers.

  • Power Training:?Cryo Blast, Overload, Tech Armor, Throw, Warp
  • Weapons Training:?Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun
  • Ammo Training:?None


5. Adept

This is the mage class for Mass Effect 2 if there was a mage. The most important power here is Singularity, which disables a lot of enemies and basically makes them mercs and mechs in a barrel. Just shoot them while they float around helplessly. You also get to combo your powers (with your own) such as throwing a Warp at your Singularity that makes it explode for more damage.

  • Power Training:?Pull, Shockwave, Singularity, Throw, Warp
  • Weapons Training:?Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun
  • Ammo Training:?None


6. Engineer

When you want to be the ultimate tech Shepard with your very own Drone just like Tali Zorah, get this class. You can hack mechs to fight for you and deploy your drone to aid in combat. You also get to use both Incinerate and Cryo Blast on organics. You can essentially disable any defense on the battlefield.

  • Power Training:?AI Hacking, Combat Drone, Cryo Blast, Incinerate, Overload
  • Weapons Training:?Heavy Pistol, Submachine Gun
  • Ammo Training:?None


I started out with a Soldier and when I got the hang of the shooter aspect of the game, switched to Vanguard to get some cool power and weapon combos. Each class has its strengths and weaknesses which you should compensate with your squad’s powers. Don’t worry about missing out on great skills since your squad members are going to have their own combination of powers that can help you. Further sections of this Mass Effect 2 walkthrough will deal with power combinations.

The next update of my Mass Effect 2 walkthrough is going to deal with your backstory! Watch out for backgrounds, their significance and how to get that pretty face or at least avoid the ugly mug.

Photo from:?http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Commander_Shepard?file=Default_Shepards.jpg





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