Mary Kate Olsen 2016: Age, Husband & Net Worth; Health Issue Rumored To Bring Her Down

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The Mary Kate Olsen net worth is reportedly affected by the reports of her secret marriage. It is speculated that her marriage to Olivier Sarkozy will double her net worth. How much does the 30-year-old have in her bank account now?

Olsen is known as an American actress, fashion designer, producer and author. She is also a businesswoman and equestrian. Fans are surely dying to know how much Mary Kate Olsen net worth is.

As per Celebrity Net Worth, Olsen’s net worth is at $150 million. She earned her wealth through her years of acting. She also works hard in fashion designing, producing and writing. Her acting career started early along with her twin sister, Ashley Olsen.

Mary Kate Olsen Net Worth

The sister?s combined net worth could make up to $300 million. The twins also earned huge amounts from their retail empire, The Dualstar Entertainment Group. The company was established in 1993.

The Dualstar Entertainment Group is reportedly selling a billion dollar worth of produce. Their products range from hair care to clothing. And it seems Olsen could only get richer.

Her wealth may double following her marriage to Sarkozy. The latter?s net worth is said to be at $100 million. Sarkozy is currently working at the Bank United’s Board of Directors and he is involved with numerous investment banks too.

Mary Kate Olsen Health Issue

Olsen seems to have everything now, but it seems good health is lacking. Fans are worried that she is suffering from a serious health problem.

Speculations about her health started when photos of Olsen in a black bikini has circulated online. She was then having a vacation in France. Her physique was widely questioned due to the fact that she seemed to have gotten too thin.

The actress is only 30 years of age, but she looks way older in her recent photo. Many were quick to speculate that Olsen is being exposed to too much stress. It is also possible that she is battling with a serious health condition.

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Olsen has yet to comment about her health. For more Mary Kate Olsen news, keep it here at TheBitbag.

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