[Watch] Mary and the Witch’s Flower Trailer: Release Date and Plot, Perfect for Studio Ghibli Fans

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Mary and the Witch Flower

Fans of Studio Ghibli can look forward to 2017! Yoshiaki Nishimura?s Studio Ponoc has released the trailer for its new movie. Entitled Mary and the Witch’s Flower, the film is based on the Mary Stewart Classic, The Little Broomstick. A story about a young girl discovers a magical broom in the woods.

Studio Ponoc the New Studio Ghibli?

From the looks of the trailer, and the sound of Nishimura?s words, the new film seems to stay true to all things Ghibli. It is composed with beautiful hand-drawn characters, backgrounds and an engaging plot line. This movie will surely be a classic from veterans of the famed animation studio.

?A fundamental part of the Ghibli story is that the heroines? humanity. Rather than any special powers, was always their greatest strength,? the Studio Ponoc founder shared with the Telegraph. ?You may like it, you may dislike it, but a lot of Japanese animation has a kid solving a problem by getting inside a giant robot. The Ghibli philosophy was different, and I wanted it to be the Ponoc philosophy too.?

Mary and the Witch Flower

Nishimura also claimed that the movie is for children who are ?moving into a 21st century that?s different from the one their parents imagined for them.? He went on to explain that ?I think we all had a vision of what the world would be like, but it?s not the one we?re moving into. So what filmmakers should say at a time when people are losing hope ? and what kind of film might help restore it in our children ? are big themes for right now.?

Watch the Mary and the Witch’s Flower trailer here:

Studio Ghibli had announced in 2014 that they would take a break from producing full-length anime films. Soon after, Ghibli founder Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement. But in November, the legendary director came out of retirement. Miyazaki helped with the development of a short-Boro the Caterpillar- which was eventually turned into a full-length film.

About?Mary and the Witch’s Flower

Meanwhile, Mary and the Witch’s Flower?will be directed by Hiromasa Yonebayashi. Yonebayashi is also known for his work on Arriety and When Marnie was There. It?s really no surprise that the Studio Ponoc film seems to give the same magical-fantasy feel that is reminiscent of ?Ghibli films.

There is still no official release for the English copy of the film, but the Japanese version will hit theaters Summer of 2017.

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