Marvel’s Spider-Man: ‘Inside Look’ Trailer Features New Gameplay Footage

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During D23, Insomniac Games shared an “Inside Look” trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is scheduled for a 2018 release exclusively for the PS4. The trailer was a mix of the developers talking about the game and gameplay clips, some of which were never seen before. It was a nice way to get fans excited for the PS4 exclusive, and should make the game a must-have for PS4 owners.

The new gameplay mostly revolved around the environment and how Spider-Man can use it to his advantage to take out enemies easier. Previous Spider-Man games didn’t take advantage of this, so it’s nice seeing Insomniac Games use Spidey’s abilities better than other developers. Like in the previous trailer, we also saw plenty of web swinging, although some of the footage was seen in the last video so it wasn’t too special.

Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin was also revealed for Marvel’s Spider-Man, though most fans knew this from the previous trailer as well. However, the Inside Look trailer did show him firing a machine gun at the friendly neighborhood superhero, so it looks like he will be a formidable boss for Peter Parker. Kingpin has been a huge threat to Spider-Man before, physically and mentally, so his presence here should be fun for fans of the classic Marvel comics.

Kingpin has actually appeared in other Spider-Man games, including the movie tie-in to Amazing Spider-Man 2. Fisk also appeared in Spider-Man Web of Shadows for PS3 and Xbox 360, though he wasn’t a boss the players could fight.

Mister Negative was also featured in the video, and was seemingly hyped as the main villain of the game. It will be interesting to see if we get more obscure comic book characters in the game, since Spider-Man has one of the more interesting supporting casts in comics, rivaling Batman’s at times. Curious fans can check out the trailer below.

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