Marvel’s First Black Captain America is Sam Wilson

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Marvel has been making changes this year. Just recently, Marvel?made the Thunder God?Thor, a woman. After the announcement, another revelation from Marvel kicked in?and this time, it is the long time superhero Captain America.?Steve Rogers was replaced by?Sam Wilson making Wilson the first black Captain America.?The replacement is known as the??Falcon,?one of Captain America?s allies. He was created in 1969 as the first African-American superhero. In the end of Rick Remender?s Captain America series, he will have to save Captain America?s life.

About a week and almost a half ago, Marvel announced on their website that the up-to-date Captain America series is bound to end, yet a new Captain America is unveiling soon. Well if you are following Rick Remender?s Captain America series, you will know that Steve Rogers lost the super-soldier serum that has kept him the superhero that he is, young and healthy. Nothing stays forever indeed!

In Captain America #21, Steve Rogers faces his greatest foe yet in the Iron Nail that will allow the villain to drain him of the super soldier serum keeping him young and super-strong. Thus, Captain America is not only weak and powerless, but ages into an old man. Good thing is that he has a fellow that has been ?with him for a long time ?and is the probable replacement as the new Captain America, or should I say, the first black Captain America.

Comics history will prove that Marvel has already experimented on the idea of black super soldiers. World War II scientists attempted to recreate the original super soldier serum and test their formula on ?black soldiers. This recalls the real infamous U.S. government medical experiments on black men involving the Tuskegee Institute.

The plan for changing of one of Marvel’s most iconic superheroe was reported on the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning ‘The Colbert Report’ on Comedy Central. According to The Verge, the cap’s shield has been on display on the show since early 2007, ever since Marvel “bequeathed” the shield to the host, after Steve Rogers’ assumed death in the aftermath of the Civil War event series.

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