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Marvel’s ‘Avengers’ stuns on First Day; Trailer gets re-made in Lego

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Avengers: Age of Ultron opens to a hot welcome.

It?s the regular fare for a movie that?s been waited for as long as it had been. There will always be a difference in opinions?depending on the person, the movie is either good or typically bad. Here we take a look at Telegraph UK?s take on the movie. For them, it?s typical Avengers fare: completed by the visuals and the bangs, the movie ranks high within Avengers movies.

Speaking of Avengers, it?s such a hot movie right now that even Lego decided they?d join in the fun. A Lego trailer was shown on C|NET where the first trailer was re-done in true Lego fashion. It was by the good folks at Brotherhood Workshop, which gave the trailer a truly whimsical fashion.

Expectedly a Comic Book Film

Have you watched a Marvel film lately?

Marvel?s films are exactly as the Telegraph UK review described the latest Avengers movie?fun, action-filled, and fast-paced. Avengers: Age of Ultron is no different, managing to cram a lot of details into a two hour joyride through destruction and mayhem, according to the Telegraph UK article.

If people are looking for a deeper and engaging story, they?d better look for it somewhere else. Despite the lack of a sense of acting as the review says, Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner have their moments as Hawk-Eye and Black Widow, the two remaining human-like members of the Avengers without a superpower (Captain America, with his Super Soldier serum, barely counts).

The wide-spread destruction in cities is deservedly seen, and this Avengers film definitely belongs alongside its Marvel stablemates.

Joining in on the Avengers fun

In this C|NET report, Lego cashes in on the Avengers, thanks to the work of the Brotherhood Workshop.

[jwplayer mediaid=”112035″]

That version puts the first Avengers trailer side-by-side with the Lego remake. It?s definitely a joy to watch, what with the stop motion sequences providing a different look at the otherwise-serious trailer. Being a stop motion trailer, however, it took the crew about 5 months to finish with each motion carefully video-taped. The result is pretty awesome, and can definitely be made into a short film of some sort.

A High Mountain to Climb

Fast and Furious 7?a movie that premiered before Avengers did?accounted for $1 billion worldwide. That?s definitely a difficult challenge to take on, although will Avengers: Age of Ultron be able to succeed? Knowing the relationship between people and superhero movies, it might not be too difficult to pull it off.


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