Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Gameplay: Two Hero Combat System Detailed By Capcom

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Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite is still a hot topic of discussion, months after its trailer was shown at PlayStation Experience 2016. Fans have been discussing the game’s roster, how big it will be and who will be in it. However, those same fans have also wondered why the game scaled down a bit and stuck with two character teams.

Thanks to EDGE (via Segment Next), we now know why Capcom decided to scale down a bit, despite being on new hardware. Apparently, the developers felt that the previous trio system forced players to choose a character they didn’t like. This will supposedly make things easier for both newcomers and veterans of the VS Capcom series.

Two Characters, Infinite Possibilities

It will be interesting to see how Marvel vs Capcom Infinite plays, especially with these changes. Some older fans might argue that the three character teams weren’t messy, but it’s nice to see Capcom make changes. Add the Infinity Stone system that came from the classic Marvel Super Heroes game and there’s plenty of intrigue.

Another reason Capcom chose a two character system is so players can establish some sort of loyalty to the heroes. Players tend to stick with one or two teams in these type of games, so that they can master characters. Having only two characters per team could lead to experimentation from veteran players, since it will be easier.

More News Coming

Apparently, we can expect more Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite news soon, though we’re not sure how soon. The last bit of news regarding the game was the reveal of Captain America and Morrigan, which wasn’t too surprising. Both characters have been in these games for the longest time, though their new updated looks are interesting.

Fans are hoping to see some real fan favorites join the game, along with some new characters. Captain Marvel and Mega Man X made plenty of fans happy to see the game, so the fact that there are more is great. Currently, Capcom has yet to announce an official release date, but it could come out in late 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 

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