Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Story Mode Will Feature Unique Experiences, Capcom Says

marvel vs capcom infinite story mode
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will have a unique story mode. [Image from PlayStation]

The Marvel vs Capcom Infinite story mode is going to be an interesting one, since it revolves around crossover battles. We will be seeing characters like Iron Man or Captain America team up with Strider and Mega Man X. If that wasn’t unique enough, Capcom is promising that the whole mode will be a unique experience for gamers everywhere.

During an interview with VG24/7, it was revealed that the story would have moments that could not be replicated. It’s apparently something that the online multiplayer and regular battles can’t replicate, which is fairly interesting to hear from a Capcom representative. Fans that weren’t excited about the story before might want to check it out before having online battles right away.

Age Of Ultron-Sigma

While the “unique experiences” for the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite story mode weren’t detailed, Ultron-Sigma could be that unique experience. If previous Marvel vs Capcom games are anything to go by, the fight against him will likely have multiple parts. This worked for Onslaught and Galactus in previous games, so it should be fine for Ultron-Sigma in Infinite.

It’s also easy to assume that Ultron-Sigma won’t be a playable character, since the separated versions are in the roster. The final fight against him could be completely unique from regular fights in the game, which could be fun. Fodder enemy fights could also be in the story mode, since we saw a ton of Ultron robots.

Gonna Take You For A Ride?

Fans were wondering if the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite story mode would be similar to the Street Fighter 5 one. Not the mode the game launched with, but the Shadows Fall DLC that came after, which was free to download. Apparently, the mode will be different from it somehow, but the details to that haven’t been made clear yet.

Capcom is already learning from Street Fighter 5, making sure to add an Arcade mode from the get-go, which is smart. Add the aforementioned Story mode and Mission mode, it’s clear that Infinite will be a fairly decent single-player experience. Here’s hoping that the story is as unique as the developers are claiming, though that won’t make or break it.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is slated for a September 19 release for the PS4 and Windows PC. Pre-ordering the deluxe edition will give players six DLC characters when they become available. It will also come with costumes for characters, two of which promote the upcoming Thor Ragnarok movie.

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