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Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite: How The Game Could Be Saved

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marvel vs capcom infinite
Interest in MvC Infinite has faded. [Image from Steam]

Capcom’s upcoming Marvel vs Capcom entry is set to release in Sept. 19 this year and fans of the fighting franchise are still undecided on whether the next game is worth getting. Fans aren’t too happy with what they’re seeing so far but since the game won’t launch until September, Capcom still has enough time to improve the game. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite could still be saved if Capcom does a few things.

Improve The Roster

The initial roster for Marvel vs Capcom 3 includes 16 characters. When Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom arrived,  Capcom added a whopping 12 characters to the already jampacked roster. Later on, Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath were added as paid DLC. These characters are the only paid DLCs in the game.

The launch roster of the previous title is better as compared to the launch roster of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. To make matters worse, Capcom is going to expand the roster with a few DLC packs that players will be required to pay for. 

Capcom previously announced that additional characters can only be bought with real life money, as opposed to Street Fighter V’s model where players can use either in-game currency or real cash. Capcom should consider changing their plans as most games lately will be giving out essential post-content updates for free, the latest of which is EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2.

Polish It First

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite became the laughing stock of the community when the story demo came out. For starters, the game looked horrible. The features of the characters were very inferior as compared to what fans saw in Marvel VS. Capcom 3. If Capcom launches the game in that state, they can expect instant negative feedback from the community.

Before anything else, Capcom should first focus on polishing the game. Fans have noticed that the visuals of Marvel vs Capcom 3 are better than Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite and this isn’t good for the series. Since this is a current-gen title already, Capcom could definitely improve the visuals even more.

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