Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Release Date, Update: Features Returning From Older Games

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Old features make prominent returns. [Image from PlayStation]

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite finally has a release date and new gameplay footage, making fans more excited than ever before. While the graphics could use more eye popping colors, there’s no denying that the gameplay looks really fun. It seems like the new game will be taking plenty of cues from the older Marvel vs Capcom games.

Ditching the three-man teams from Marvel vs Capcom 2 and 3 for two-on-two fights was a very controversial move. Some fans are still ripping on the game, but it seems like Capcom has added enough variety to feel fresh. Plus, bringing back some of the older features from previous games could get older fans to try it out again.

Off The Ground

The third MvC game had specific moves that could get the opponent off the ground for additional combos. It was a vital strategy for fighting game fans, but that might have to change for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Rather than having specific off-the-ground moves, Infinite will let players attack downed opponents with regular attacks, which is slightly controversial.

However, this feature was included in Marvel Super Heroes and the first two Marvel vs Capcom games. Bringing this feature back should make combat more interesting, since Capcom said they want to appeal to newer players. Fans will find out in September if this old feature makes the game simplistic, or adds more depth to it.

The Infinity Stones

Adding an Infinity Stone feature might sound like a new feature, thanks to the MCU films, but it’s actually old. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is actually taking a page out of the original Marvel Super Heroes fighting game. Players had to choose one stone in Arcade Mode and make their way to Thanos, who can use them all.

From what the gameplay trailer has shown, it seems like the stones will be much more useful now. The Time Stone makes the players very fast, while the Space Stone traps the opponent for multiple combo attacks. Capcom has previously stated that the Infinity Stones would replace the X Factor and have a third character.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite comes out on September 19 on the PS4, with Sigma as a pre-order bonus. Like Injustice 2, there is a deluxe edition of the game that gives players access to six DLC characters. It’s not clear if the DLC characters will be available right away, or if it’s simply assured ownership.

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