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Marvel VS Capcom Infinite News: Infinity Stones Set To Replace 3rd Character, X-Men Not Part Of Roster

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Marvel VS Capcom Infinite News
Marvel VS Capcom Infinite News

Marvel VS Capcom has joined the prominent list of most anticipated games of 2017. The recent trailers have gotten so many of us hyped up for the epic crossover fighting game.

However, we?ve gotten our hands on some recent news that you may not be looking forward to knowing about Marvel VS Capcom Infinite. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite is set to replace its predecessor?s 3rd character. It looks like we won?t be seeing the X-men join the roster of playable characters.

The Infinity Stones

Although most of the plot and character list is still in the dark, we all know that the Marvel universe?s Infinity Stones will play a critical part in the plot and game mechanics of Marvel vs Capcom. And although newer and better innovative mechanics are welcome, many of us found the news hard to swallow when we heard that the Infinity Stones will come with a steep price.

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Marvel vs Capcom 3 featured 3 characters for players to pick and freely switch from during battles. The new upcoming Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will only have two characters. Apparently the introduction of the new Infinity Stone mechanic will replace the former third character slot.

In a recent interview, Mike Jones, Marvel Games? executive producer along with Michael Evans, Capcom?s director of production explained the new upcoming changes due to the Infinity Stones.

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It was explained that the Infinity Stones will drastically change player?s fighting styles. Moreover, it?can also easily turn the tide of battle. It appears that they felt that the Infinity Stones would be a better addition to the game rather than a third character. Evans said, ?This time, the system is so free form, but also the Infinity Stones are more strategic than a third character could be.?

X-Men Missing

It’s rumored that the X-Men won?t be joining the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster. This rumor started gaining traction when people noticed that not a single X-Men character had been featured in any of the promotional material so far.

People are fearing that Fox may have not agreed for the characters to be featured in the game. But there?s still no official word out on the matter. Hopefully, these speculations remain as such and we do end up with Wolverine and Cyclops in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite! Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite makes it debut fall 2017 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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