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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: What it Can Learn From Injustice 2

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Things MvC Infinite can learn from Injustice 2. [Image from PlayStation]

Injustice 2 is available now and it has set the bar high for other competing fighting games this year. With Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite coming out this September, it seems to be the rival of the NetherRealms fighting game. Capcom has learned from the mistakes made in Street Fighter 5, but they need to learn from their competitor.

Due to the positive reviews of the DC fighting game, other games in the genre need to step it up. Admittedly, they don’t all need a customizable gear system, but there are other things that can be learned from the superhero fighter. Here are some of the things the latest Marvel vs Capcom game can take from the most new NetherRealms fighter.

Plenty of Single-Player Content

Street Fighter 5 was considered a bad game by many, despite plenty of fans defending the fighter these days. Though many considered the multiplayer to be okay, the single-player content was lacking and has yet to be addressed. Capcom did eventually add a story DLC for free, but it was too little too late for some fans.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will have an Arcade and Story mode, so it has more content than Street Fighter 5. However, it will have a harder time competing with the massive and critically acclaimed Multiverse mode of Injustice 2. Offering plenty of fights that reward players with gear and currency, gamers will be coming back plenty of times.

Instant Online Success

One reason why Injustice 2 is doing so well is due to the online multiplayer, which launched without a hiccup. It’s not as smooth as offline play, but to have instantly smooth online play is a rarity for most games. Capcom should make sure that the online multiplayer for their next fighter is just as smooth so they can compete.

The company had a hard time fixing the online play of Street Fighter 5, but that was eventually smoothed out. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will need to have good online play from the start, so that they can please fans. At the least, make sure they can have lag-free matches against each other for a few hours at a time.

Injustice 2 is available now on the PS4 and Xbox One, with Darkseid also purchasable in online stores as DLC. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite will be available on September 19 for the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

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