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Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Has No “Grind Currency”, Avoids Street Fighter 5’s Business Model

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The next installment in the acclaimed Marvel VS. Capcom series is one of the most anticipated titles of 2017 and there’s already a lot of hype behind the game’s roster and mechanics. We’ve already seen gameplay footage of the fighting game but there’s a lot more we haven’t seen in terms of other features in Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite.

We’ve learned a lot more about Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite during some of the game developers’ interview with VG247. Part of the interview tackled about how they are going to add characters post-launch and it could disappoint fans who don’t want to shell out extra cash for DLC.

When asked whether the next Marvel VS. Capcom game’s DLC will have the same DLC model of Street Fighter V, producer Mike Evans had this to say, “No. It’s all just traditional. There’s no grind currency, sweat equity currency… it’s more traditional in that sense.”

We’ve yet to know what the developers’ mean by “all just traditional”. However, what we do know for now is that unlike Street Fighter V, Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite won’t allow players to grind in-game currency to purchase post-launch characters that can also be bought with real money.

What the developers could be referring to when they say traditional is that the post-launch characters can only be bought. In Marvel VS. Capcom 3, post launch characters Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath can only be bought with real money. Moreover, paid DLC characters are more common nowadays and it’s been the structure of many fighting games. But of course, fans would probably want the chance to get the DLC characters of Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite without being forced to pay extra.

Evans also added that the 2017 character pass will also include 6 premium costumes. However, the developers didn’t expound on what these premium costumes are. Hearing the term, there’s a chance that premium costumes are more than just an alternate skin to a character.

It could be similar to Injustice 2’s premier skins. Premier skins in Injustice 2 add a new voice pack, characters lines, and interactions to regular characters. The developer could add the same for the upcoming Marvel VS. Capcom Infinite and it would be exciting to see the Marvel side of the roster having unique skins.

While talks about DLC this early could annoy some fans, the developers are aiming to provide a complete game at launch. “For Marvel vs Capcom Infinite the lessons learned from SF5… some of which were really about what users expect from a day one product – we want to take our time and make sure it’s fully featured on day one,” Evans said. “We talked about the cinematic story mode, the arcade mode, online lobbies and all that. We’re really taking our time, we’re going to release it when it’s ready.

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