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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: Gamestop Exclusive Comic Possibly Confirms Monster Hunter Character

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marvel vs capcom infinite
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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is still anticipated by many fans, though the lackluster roster and weird visuals have turned some off from the game. It looks like Monster Hunter, one of the exciting rumored characters for the fighter, could be official thanks to an exclusive comic book from GameStop. This could raise some hope for the game, since there are too many odd fighters returning from Marvel vs Capcom 3, like Arthur and Spencer.

During the Marvel Games panel in San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2017, the developers announced the exclusive GameStop comic book tied to the game’s story. According to Shoryuken, the comic will focus on Valkanda, which combines the world of Wakanda and some of the villages from the Monster Hunter games. The comic will even have Black Panther interacting with the monsters and characters from the various Monster Hunter titles, which should be great for fans.

Black Panther has already been confirmed for the game, though he will be added later as DLC, which is a bit annoying. Should Monster Hunter become official, one can only hope that he/she is part of the base-game’s roster, which is really lacking in imagination. The character was in the roster leak months ago, which also confirmed Jedah from Darkstalkers, who was recently made official.

Other new characters for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite include Gamora, Mega Man X, Captain Marvel and Thanos, who has a completely different move-set from Marvel vs Capcom 2. Returning characters have been given appreciated updates, like proper Repulsor Blasts for Iron Man, a projectile reversal for Captain America and a brand new Level 3 Hyper Combo for Spider-Man. Even with all of these, the game hasn’t made a good impression with fans, especially after the Story Demo was released, which included horrible character faces for Chun-Li, Dante and Rocket.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is slated for a September 19 release for PS4, Xbox One and PC. The more interesting looking Dragon Ball FighterZ is slated for an early 2018 release for the same game systems.

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