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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite DLC Costumes Promote Thor Ragnarok

marvel vs capcom infinite dlc
Thor and Hulk have costumes that help hype up the film. [Image from Comic Book Resources]

Ever since the pre-order details were given, fans have been curious about the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite DLC. Six DLC characters and four pre-order costumes have been confirmed, one of whom is Mega Man X villain Sigma. Of the four costumes, it seems like two of them were made to promote the Thor Ragnarok film.

Warrior Thor and Gladiator Hulk look like they were ripped from the trailer of the film, minus the Asgardian’s helmet. Event Hubs managed to show off these skins and they’re both clearly inspired by the latest installment of the MCU. Overall, these skins are a decent pre-order bonus for the fighting game and should add some variety to the characters.

Thor Ragnarok Promotional Material?

It’s clear that the costumes for Hulk and Thor are inspired by the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok movie, coming in November. Using Marvel vs Capcom Infinite DLC as promotional material is interesting, though not unheard of in any way. Credit where it’s due though, the models look great and should be favorites with many a fan.

Hulk’s gladiator look is based on his appearance from Planet Hulk, but the DLC looks more like the film version. Marvel vs Capcom 3 actually had his Planet Hulk/World War Hulk attire as DLC and is more accurate. Still, there’s no denying that the Infinite version looks pretty great, especially the helmet he wears during battle.

Classic Capcom

While the Marvel side of the DLC costumes is geared towards movie fans, the Capcom DLC is for hardcore fans. Evil Ryu has been around for sometime and was even teased during the Shadows Fall DLC of Street Fighter 5. Since Evil Ryu is just a skin, it’s doubtful that he’ll have any of Akuma’s moves like he usually does.

Command Mission Mega Man X is an interesting choice, since it’s based on an underrated PS2 RPG from the 2000’s. While far from the most innovative RPG on the PS2, it did have good visuals and a fun combat system. This could lead to Capcom re-releasing the underrated game as a PS2 classic on PS4, but that’s just mindless speculation.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is slated for a September 19 release for the PS4 and Windows PC. Unlike Street Fighter 5, the game will have plenty of single-player content, including Story and Arcade mode. Pre-ordering the game now will give players access to these costumes, plus the upcoming character pass for six DLC fighters.

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