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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Demo Live In US, Australia, And Europe

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Marvel vs capcom infinite demo live on ps4 and xbox one
Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Demo announcement at Sony’s E3 2017 presser

Marvel vs Capcom made a grand entrance at Sony’s E3 2017 presser today. The game’s E3 trailer stated that a Marvel vs Capcom Infinite demo is “available now,” though that wasn’t the case. Plenty of gamers who flocked to check their respective PlayStation Store were disappointed due to the lack of a demo.

Currently, the Marvel vs Capcom demo is available in select countries. Known insider Wario64 stated that the demo is currently available on the European PlayStation Store. The demo weighs in at 5.7GB, which is pretty large for a fighting game.  Other Twitter users said that the demo is also available on the Australia PS Store.

Update: the demo has been recently released on the US PSN. Those interested can download the game here. The demo has also been made available in Asia.

It seems that Marvel’s  announcement was made too early as the demo is still unavailable in multiple regions. Still, this isn’t a surprise as the same issue happened in previous Sony conferences, especially with video game demos.

Based on the demo’s description, this is actually a story mode demo than just a regular vs mode. “Play this free story demo and unite champions like Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Mega Man X, and Chun-Li to initiate the fight against Ultron Sigma.”

The main menu of the demo is pretty bare bones. There’s only a story mode, settings, and a pre-order option in the game.  There’s decent content here as the demo comes with some neat story mode cutscenes, though the lack of a vs mode will disappoint those interested in multiplayer battles. Each story fight is also scripted, mostly letting gamers battle against filler AI combatants.

Several gamers have already posted their demo walkthroughs on YouTube. Gamers that don’t have access to the demo can check these videos out to get an idea on what to expect. Marvel vs Capcom Infinite launches on September 29 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There will be no “grind currency” in this entry, though there are DLC characters. For more gaming news, make sure to check out The Bitbag.

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