Marvel Vs Capcom 4 Release Teased By Bandai And Capcom?

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Marvel vs Capcom 4

Recently, Capcom producer Tomoaki Ayano teased about an announcement on next Monday. The announcement will be a collaboration work which could mean a revival of Capcom?s crossover fighting games. Here?s what we know so far about this potential Marvel vs Capcom 4 reveal.

Capcom Announcement

According to the latest post on the Saikyo Blog?[translated on Eventhubs],?Ayano mentioned a ?collaboration announcement? for next week. Historically, Capcom has worked with other companies like Marvel, SNK, Tatsunoko Production, and Bandai Namco on a crossover fighting game. Potentially, Marvel vs Capcom 4 or one of these crossover fighters may be announced next week.

Ayano?s Background

According to Giantbomb?s entry on Tomoaki Ayano, his crossover work was ?Street Fighter X Tekken.? This game was the collaboration of Bandai Namco and Capcom featuring Street Fighter and Tekken characters duking it out in a Street Fighter 4-like setting. However, the game has been regarded as a bad release due to its ?already in-disk DLC? fiasco and overall low viewership in competitive fighting game tournaments and streams. Potentially, Ayano?s announcement could be the inverse ?Tekken X Street Fighter? game if we base it from his work history. It?s possible that Marvel vs Capcom 4 may not happen soon.

Marvel vs Capcom Hype

Previously, Twitter accounts of known fighting game players were flooded with unconfirmed rumors of Marvel vs Cacpom 4. Fans regained hope for the fourth Marvel vs Capcom entry when the current owners of Marvel and Disney returned to licensing its Intellectual Properties. With the rise of Marvel movies and Capcom?s need of a comeback after Street Fighter 5?s release, Marvel vs Capcom 4 could definitely be a hotly discussed game if it gets released.

The Marvel vs Capcom fighting game series are enjoyed by both competitive and casual players. Competitively, Marvel vs Capcom thrives on long combos and extreme movement to defeat your opponent. Meanwhile, casual players enjoy the vast cast of familiar characters to use in the fighting game. For now, we can only wait until next Monday, November 21, to know what Capcom?s going to announce. Stay updated with more Marvel vs Capcom 4 news here on The BitBag.

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