Marvel vs Capcom 4: No Xbox One Release?

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Marvel vs Capcom 4

Marvel vs Capcom 4 will not come to the Xbox One, sources suggest. Recently we saw a leaked image that showed the game is scheduled for 2017. A bunch of reports claims that the game will be announced at PlayStation Experience 2016. The event will take place on December 3 to 4. The most interesting and surprising information suggests that the game won?t hit Microsoft?s Xbox One and will remain a PS4 exclusive.

The excitement for Marvel and Capcom characters fighting against each other is at peak, but if the leaked poster of the game is real, it’s likely we won?t get Marvel vs Capcom 4 on Xbox One. Either that or this is a timed exclusive for the PS4.

There are no mention of Xbox One in the alleged poster, while the PS4 logo is clearly visible. Neither Capcom nor Marvel has confirmed the game?s arrival, but rumors about the title have been circulating for a long time.

Is Capcom Going The SFV Way?

When Street Fighter 5 was expected to arrive on the Xbox One, in a surprising move, Capcom confirmed that the game will be an exclusive PS4/PC title. It’s possible that Capcom and Marvel have agreed to do the same for the Marvel vs Capcom 4 release and the game will not hit Xbox One.

Marvel-Sony Deal

Marvel and Sony have established a deal for a?Spider-Man PS4 release. Insomniac Games revealed that Marvel and Sony are working under a deal in which the game will be an exclusive title for PS4 and it is not coming to PC.

Marvel vs Capcom 4

As the game is still unannounced, it is not the right time to come to a conclusion. The past events indicate that the game will arrive exclusively on PS4, and the leaked details are also supporting the idea. Until the developers confirm anything specific regarding the release platform, it is better to take the rumors with a grain of salt.

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