Marvel Vs Capcom 4: New Characters Capcom Should Introduce

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Marvel Vs Capcom 4

It?s been 5 years since the release of vanilla and Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, it might be time to release a Marvel vs Capcom 4 for the current generation of consoles. With the extended and sprawling Marvel Universe and Capcom?s solid and recognizable lineup, filling the roster up is as easy as casting an adolescent fanfiction. Here are some characters the developers should consider for Marvel Vs Capcom 4.

Spider Gwen

Spider Gwen is Spiderman in an alternate universe. In this timeline, Gwen Stacy was bitten by the Radioactive spider instead of Peter Parker. Technically, she might just be a Spiderman clone in the game but they?ve put in Venom once so it might be nice to add another one due to her fame.

Amadeus Cho Hulk

He?s the Hulk that doesn?t need heavy amounts of anger, aggression or intense feelings to turn into Hulk. Amadeus Cho?s Hulk was just recently introduced in Totally Awesome Hulk last year. However, the original Bruce Banner Hulk has appeared much one the Capcom fighting game crossovers with Marvel Comics, so he might feel old. It might be better if he could transform at will with his Hulk powers to add another spice in the character roster.

Any Monster Hunter Character

This one?s a long shot as most of the Monster Hunter characters are self-insertable blank slates who operate on a different timeline in any of the Marvel and Capcom universe. At most, the notable weight of the Monster Hunter game may spawn a Charge character for the potential Marvel vs Capcom 4 game. Charge characters are known for their mobility being hampered by some of their special moves so it fits Monster Hunter?s heavy and difficult gameplay theme.

Sadly, the possibility of Marvel vs Capcom 4 is unlikely as some players discussed in a Neogaf thread. Currently, Marvel is owned by Disney and unlikely to move the Marvel content due to ownership constraints. Capcom is still prominent but not for the good reasons. Capcom?s Street Fighter 5 isn?t picking up major popularity as of the moment and had a lack of content that heavily affected their reviews. Unless Capcom successfully convinces Disney that partnering with them is a good idea, we won?t see this sequel anytime soon.

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