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Marvel vs Capcom 4: Developer Reacts to Fan Demand

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Marvel may no longer be in business with Capcom, but it is well aware of the rabid fan fervor for Marvel vs. Capcom 4. It?s been almost five years since the last entry in the series, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, was released on last-generation consoles. However, in 2013, the comic book giant opted not to renew its license with the Japanese game developer, leaving the fate of the beloved fighting franchise in limbo.

Marvel Knows How Much Fans want Marvel vs Capcom 4

Despite the severing of ties between the companies, many fans are still holding out and believe that a sequel could arrive sometime in the future. Marvel Games VP Jay Ong is aware of this,?telling Polygon in an interview, “There’s nothing we can say at this time. Let’s just say that we hear that a lot. We love our fans and we certainly want to please them. Beyond that we can’t say anything at this time. But who knows what the future holds?”

Earlier this year, Marvel announced that it was shutting down all its in-house development studios and shifting its video game business to a licensing model. This led to the cancellation of the company?s widely popular Disney Infinity line of games and collectible figurines. On the flip side, the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man title?being developed by Insomniac Games is one of the first fruits of Marvel?s new direction in the gaming business.

Fans are hoping that this new policy will eventually lead to a reunion for Marvel and Capcom. Hopefully, the two companies can come to an agreement soon so they can give the fans what they want. For now though, the fate of Marvel vs. Capcom 4 remains a mystery.

If the game ever comes to life, you can read about it right here on the BitBag.

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