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Capcom’s Seth Killian and Christian Svensson have recently visited the Unity Boards to offer a few more details about Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

Can we get more details on Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s control scheme? Could you post a video of you using the Exchange button in the game? Anyway, I still don’t think what you guys are doing is a good idea, you should just do things my way.

Seth Killian: I understand the desire for every detail about some of the new stuff, but as I mentioned, it’s still very much in development. If the idea is to clear up confusion, it’s not helpful to get into a lot of very specific details that may change, especially given the extreme reaction to something most people have essentially misunderstood.

As for “the button” itself, if I posted a video of me playing the game as it is today, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that there was anything called “exchange” (again, even that name isn’t fixed). I could do a ground series into launch, and then into a standard air combo into flying screen ender, and it would be indistinguishable from an MvC2 scheme. Everyone’s concern is really just centered around the fact that it has a new marketing-department name 😛

The best way to think about the “exchange” button is:

1) On the ground, it works just like a normal attack button, only it is also everyone character’s launcher. There is really no systemic reason why some MvC2 characters have Down-Toward + Hard Kick as a launcher, other have Down + Hard Punch, others are standing Hard Kick, etc. It’s just needlessly confusing, and makes new players feel dumb for no great reason. Now everyone knows how to launch ? you use this button. Not a big deal.

2) In the air, think of it as an interesting command normal (“command normal” = regular attack that you can give new properties by holding a direction and hitting the button). In some circumstances it works like a much cooler version of Psylocke’s Hard Kick that you can do as Up + Hard Kick for a different effect, but this is what you’ll see for yourselves soon enough =)

You guys should just stick with the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 system for controls. Besides, what do you know about this game, you’re only a public relations guy. You should be listening to the fans who know what they’re talking about or the game is going to be ruined!

Seth: Sorry guys, I’ve tried to be nice with my clarifications, but you’re simply off-base. The MvC3 control scheme is overwhelmingly similar to MvC2. Imagine there was a contest between TvC and MvC2 control schemes, with some people arguing for each side. With the way the controls are at the moment, the “We want controls like MvC2” team has unquestionably won.

I have to admit I find it a little humorous that I’m having an argument about this with people who not only haven’t played the game, they haven’t even *seen* it.

I have MvC3 sitting on my desk, have been playing fighters longer than some of you have been alive, and I’m TELLING you what it’s like, but that’s somehow no good (because “he’s PR,” although I do not work for PR, and am credited as “special advisor” for very real reasons, and regardless of any of that, what I’m saying is RIGHT).

“ZOMG it’s ruined!” crowd, on the other hand, are basing their despair on one sentence from a scanned magazine article. The article was a first-look overview (and a pretty good one) ? but clearly not intending to get into the kind of details that the hardcore guys care about. I understand your concerns, but (so far, at least), they are off-base.

As before ? let’s hold the “ZOMG it’s ruined!” talk until you play the game. You’ll get a chance before too long, then we’ll talk. Sound fair?

Will Marvel vs. Capcom 3 be playable at this year’s E3?

Seth: I’m pushing very hard to make sure people get a chance to play MvC3, whether that be at E3 or otherwise. Part of the issue is that (as has been repeatedly mentioned), there are many non-final aspects about the game. This should be obvious given where it is in the development cycle, but the concern is that if we show something that isn’t 100% done, everyone will still treat it like this was the final product rather than a game that’s not coming out until 2011.

At any rate, trying to get MvC3 into your hands soon, and as usual, regardless of MvC3, we WILL be getting a bunch of Unity members into the show 😀

What’s the top priority for MvC3 character selection? Is it popularity or how well the characters will fit into a fighting game?

Christian Svensson: It’s a combination of those things.

Sure we have to have some of the fan favorites (e.g. popular characters). Then there are some characters that were selected just because they would have cool abilities that fit the gameplay well (which are often a bit more obscure or at least lesser known).

With as many popular characters as both companies have, inevitably, some people will be disappointed that character X, Y or Z isn’t in it, but as Niitsuma-san has said, we’re trying to get as many in as we can in the development time we’ve had.

Will MvC3 use GGPO for its online play?

Seth: Nothing has been decided yet regarding MVC3 online. ? GGPO.

How come we haven’t heard about more new characters for MvC3 yet? You guys need to hurry up and put out more information, I need to know!

Sven: There’s a set schedule for which we’ll be showing/announcing new characters that leads all the way up to launch. Totally appreciate the passion though.

What are some of the details concerning your agreement with Marvel? Also, since you guys are working on MvC3, can you release your older Marvel titles too and create more games based on that franchise?

Sven: I negotiated both the MvC3 and MvC2 contracts and I’m really not at liberty to share details of significance in those agreements.

But in the name of setting your expectations I will say, both are separate agreements that were negotiated at different times. In the MvC3 contract’s case, it only grants us the rights to create MvC3. It does not grant any rights to release older titles from past agreements.

Here are some addition details:

? If you were disappointed that you didn’t see certain no-brainer Capcom characters in Tatsunoko vs Capcom for the Wii, don’t give up hope. Niitsuma confirmed that big characters like Dante were saved from Tatsunoko for Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

? MvC3’s characters were all created from scratch ? you won’t see recycled character models.

? A sort of cross-over aerial rave can be performed, where you can safely change your character in the middle of an air combo, using the exchange button.

? The flow of combat is just as intense and hectic as MvC2.

? The game is currently using TvC’s style Light, Medium, and Hard attacks along with the Exchange button.

? Story mode is being slightly improved, with beginning and ending story bookends, along with in-game events to keep it fresh in players’ minds. Producer Ryota Niitsuma insists that though this story is better than in other MvC games, it doesn’t steal the spotlight from the action.

? MvC2’s cast recycled 15 years of backlog and that’s a large reason why it had such a big cast. The Morrigan you saw in 1994’s Darkstalkers was basically what you saw in 2000’s MvC2.

? Capcom is paying a very large attention to detail to make sure all the characters are very in-character and act like themselves.

? Game Informer raved about the graphics for a good paragraph, apparently lighting is superb and Iron Man’s armor has reflections.

? Game Informer seemed very impressed with how Dante was represented in the game. “His cockiness and bravado shines through in every action, doing the white-haired badass justice.”

? Backgrounds will be lively. J Jonah Jameson is in a helicopter in the background of the Daily Bugle stage shouting and pointing at the players. There’s also a parade in the background that has huge air balloons of characters like Spider-Man and Viewtiful Joe. Servbots and Tron Bonne in the background of the Megaman Legends stage.

Character Profiles For Confirmed Characters:

Captain America: This founding member of The Avengers returns with his indestructible shield to deliver combatants to justice. He preserves most of his handy move-set, complete with deadly shield-a-rang tosses and evasive cartwheel maneuvers.

Chris Redfield: This BSAA agent brings over every weapon he can carry from Resident Evil 5 into Marvel vs Capcom 3. Chris devastates opponents with his pistol, shotgun, submachine gun, magnum, satellite laser, and grenade launcher (complete with fire, ice, and electric rounds). He also has a slide attack utilizing his electric baton.

Dante: He may be based on the young Devil May Cry 3 protagonist, but this Dante comes equipped with the best moves from the entire series. He can juggle rival fighters with his dual pistols, close distances by sliding on his knees while playing Nevan (his guitar weapon), and even activate his deadly Devil Trigger mode to increase his speed and power.

Deadpool: Deadpool has the ability to teleport around the battlefield, but do it too many times and his device will backfire to hilarious results. Even breaking the fourth wall, Deadpool’s special consists of beating down opponents with his own life bar.

Felicia: Capcom’s catgirl returns with her claws out to deliver quick and nimble combos to anyone distracted by her jiggle physics for too long. She is also able to summon a helpful little catgirl partner to double her threat.

The Hulk: Bruce Banner returns in his pissed-off form, and somehow he’s even more monstrous than before. This green juggernaut is still sluggish, but his immense power and earth-quaking special make him a good bruiser for your team makeup.

Iron Man: Sleeker and slimmer than MvC 2’s Tony Stark, this iteration of Iron Man better reflects his current style in the comics. The gold and maroon superhero’s gigantic laser cannon still makes for a great assist, and his jet-boots make him ideal for aerial maneuvers.

Morrigan: Darkstalkers’ seductive succubus continues the battle with all her otherworldly moves. She catapults opponents skyward with a gigantic spear summoned from the ground and delivers flying reverse pile drivers.

Wolverine: Logan’s claws ravage everything unfortunate enough to stand before him in brilliant swipes of color. His trademark Berserker Barrage move return as both an assist move and a special, making him a perfect main for your team and also a menacing assist character.

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