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Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Release Date Before Holiday 2017 For PS4, Xbox One, And PC

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When is the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite release date? Fans have been asking this question since the impressive teaser trailer was showcased at the start of the PlayStation Experience 2016. At the end of the trailer, fans got a vague 2017 release window, but nothing more than that. That’s what fans originally thought, at least.

Admittedly, an actual release date has yet to be given, but it looks like we will be getting the crossover before the holidays. In the game’s Steam page, it was revealed that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite would be coming out in late 2017. While still pretty vague, it’s better than just writing 2017, since fans can at least pinpoint the date to sometime in September to November.

Before The Holidays?

Since the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite release date is in late 2017, fans have assumed that it will be out before the holidays. After all, releasing a game during the holiday season can be a bit risky, since big name titles become the priority during that time.?

Admittedly, Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is a pretty big name, so if it does come out in the holidays, it will likely do well. One has to wonder if the game will coincide with any release dates for the Marvel films. While it won’t come out at the same time as Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 or Spider-Man: Homecoming, it could be near the release of the third Thor film.

No Merry X-Men?

While the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite release date might be far off, fans have had other concerns. Due to conflicts with Fox, we might not see any characters from the X-Men or Fantastic Four. WCCFTech stated that we might actually see them, just not during the game’s initial launch. If any X-Men are going to be in the game, Wolverine will likely be one of them.

Currently, the only confirmed fighters for the game are Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Ryu, Mega Man X and Morrigan. It should be fun to see who else makes the game and how they will play, especially since it’s now 2 on 2 and brings back the Infinity Stone system from Marvel Super Heroes.

The Marvel vs Capcom Infinite release date will be sometime in late 2017. Players can get the game on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. ?

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