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Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Marvel Games Aware Of Problems, Fix Coming Soon

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance

The re-release of the two Marvel Ultimate Alliance games was meant to be a cause for celebration, but it ended up being a bit of a disaster. Fans were already ticked off when it was revealed that the first game did not come with the previously released DLC, though the second one did. Meantime, the PC versions of both games are extremely buggy. Thankfully, Marvel is aware of these problems and it seems like a fix will be coming soon.

Bill Rosemann, the supervisor of Marvel Games, sent out a tweet stating that he is aware of the various problems the two games are suffering from and they have contacted Activision about it. This is great news for fans of the two superhero games since they can now expect a number of fixes.

Game Informer recently revealed some of the fixes made. The Xbox One version originally suffered from the lack of achievements, but now they?re up and running on Microsoft’s current-gen console. It’s obviously not the biggest problem though, since most of them are in the almost broken PC ports, but it is a good start.

Here?s hoping that the first game’s DLC is eventually added to all versions of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games. When the DLC wasn’t in the PS4 version, it was initially believed that the first game’s extra content would only be in the Xbox One version, but that wasn’t the case. Only the second game has the DLC, while the first game is just in its regular form.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance will be fixed soon, but will it get its DLC?

Admittedly, those who don’t care about the DLC and have current-gen consoles can get the two games, since most of the major problems are in the PC port. Even without the extra content, the two action games are still fun to play, and the offline couch co-op should make it a favorite in gatherings.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance and its sequel are available now on the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Each game is available for US$40 each, while a bundle for both games costs US$60. Fans might want to wait for the various fixes before getting these two games, especially if it leads to the inclusion of the first game’s DLC.

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