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Marvel Ultimate Alliance: First Game’s DLC Will Be Free, Here’s What’s In It

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance

When the Marvel Ultimate Alliance bundle was released without the first game’s DLC, fans were pretty mad about it. The game didn’t receive a lot of visual upgrades and were priced at US$40 each, with an option to get both for US$60. Fans felt insulted with the price and more so for the lack of DLC in the first game, but after Marvel Games heard the pleas of comic fans everywhere, it seems like the DLC will be coming out soon.

Activision told Game Informer that the DLC for the first game would be coming soon and that it would be free, so fans will not have to pay extra to get them. The DLC will also be released for all versions of the game, which is great news since it used to be exclusive to the Xbox 360 version. Now both games will feel complete, since Ultimate Alliance 2 came with all of its DLC characters.

For those wondering what is in the DLC for the first Marvel Ultimate Alliance, it grants the player eight extra characters to use in the game; four heroes and four villains. The heroes include two X-Men characters ? Cyclops and Nightcrawler ? along with two Avengers ? Hulk and Hawkeye ? so players can complete their favorite teams or simply mix and match their favorites.

The four villainous characters include Sabretooth, Venom, Magneto ? who is also in the second game as DLC ? and Dr. Doom. The last of those four characters is an interesting choice, since Doom is actually the main villain of the first game’s story. Once the DLC is downloaded, Doom will reveal that the version we’re fighting is from an alternate reality, which is contrived but fun in an ?only in comics? sort of way.

Three of the eight DLC characters in action.

These characters join a large roster of characters, including Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, Ms. Marvel, Spider-Woman and a whole host of Marvel characters. The sheer amount of characters is what made the series a big hit with comic book fans, and it will surely entertain those who have seen the most recent superhero movies.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is available now on PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC, along with its sequel Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2. Players can purchase the games separately or in a bundle.

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