Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Release Soon? Remasters For First Two Games Leaked

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

In a surprising bit of news, it seems like we will be seeing a Marvel: Ultimate Alliance remastered collection for current-gen consoles. Fans loved the two action RPGs because of the large roster of superheroes that they could customize, and they also let them pair up Deadpool with Gambit in the same team. This has led fans to believe that we could see Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 sometime soon.

Prior to Gematsu leaking the info about the remastered collections, fans could only dream about a third game in the Ultimate Alliance series. With both games now getting remastered for PS4 and Xbox One, it seems like that distant dream could become a reality.

To be honest, it?s quite surprising that the two games weren?t remastered earlier. The second one in particular is based on the Civil War storyline, just like the most recent Captain America film. At least we?re getting both games now, which is better than never getting it.

Some fans considered Marvel Heroes as the spiritual successor to the Ultimate Alliance games, since it features a huge roster and action RPG-style gameplay. If we do see Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3, fans can expect a lot of inspiration from the online game, since it has grown in popularity.

While fans wouldn?t complain about gameplay similar to the upcoming remasters, it will be interesting to see how Marvel Games decides to improve the two titles. After all, Spider-Man PS4 is supposedly the start of a new era of Marvel video games, so seeing an all-new Ultimate Alliance or some sort of Avengers game with similar gameplay would be interesting.

No release date for the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance collection has been announced, so fans will have to wait for a while. Fans can assume that the collection will run on 1080p/60fps and have all of the DLC for each game, which mostly consists of new characters.

Meanwhile, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 could be coming soon. What new features do you want to see in the third installment of the game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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