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Marvel: Two Likely Offspring of the Secret Wars Event

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Everyone knows that Marvel is in a sort of crossroads. The latest development within the comic book studio is that it is currently in a state of helter-skelter as the Secret Wars event is happening. ?Something which happened way back, Marvel?s Secret Wars is a way of revitalizing the comic book studio?s line-up; taking out characters that have had their run, so to speak, and injecting characters which have become popular all the time while Marvel was making movies.

That includes these two characters in the mix.

We take a look at the offspring of the Marvel event: Spider-Gwen and Shang-Chi. The latter, by way of iDigital Times, is a character made famous because of her association with Spider-Man. From being a casualty in the movies, it seems she?s gained a lease on life as well as some powers; but what about Shang-Chi? We?re going to take a look at this Comic Book Movie article and see where the character fits in the grand scheme of things.

An Edgier Gwen Stacy

This Gwen Stacy?as reported by iDigital Times?seems to have everything going on for her.

An edgier Gwen Stacy is seen in this comic, Spider-Gwen, which is part of Marvel?s ongoing Spider-Verse event. As per iDigital Times, this different Spider-Man is from another dimension, where Gwen happened to have been bitten by the spider that was meant for Peter Parker. While it?s interesting to note what could?ve happened, Gwen in this incarnation is edgier.

It could also be a reaction to the people?s acceptance of Gwen Stacy?played by Emma Stone?in the Spider-Man movies. Will we be seeing Spider-Gwen in Secret Wars? Perhaps, and if it?s possible, she might become a regular part of the universe that is to come after Secret Wars concludes.

A Secret Wars Peek

If you?re still wondering what the heck Secret Wars is you should go buy this Master of Kung-Fu book.

The character in question here is Shang-Chi, the ?Master of Kung-Fu?. It?s a limited series that will run for 4 issues, as per Comic Book Movie, and is a part of Marvel?s Secret Wars. Even as Shang-Chi battles the baddies sent by Emperor Zu?who also happens to be his father?he might also play a part in determining what happens while they are all in the anomaly known as Battle World.

Will Shang-Chi see inclusion in the post-Secret Wars universe? It will be interesting to see?as books like Master of Kung-Fu appear?who gets to stay in the new world and who gets lost forever in the vortex of bad comics and forgotten characters.

Marvel?s beginning of the End

Marvel is definitely committed to a rebuild, as it seems, and Secret Wars is the key to this rebuild. Who will be taken out and who will be left might depend on how titles like Spider-Gwen and Master of Kung-Fu does. Will they manage to stay on or stay limited? We will see as developments occur in the coming days.


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