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Marvel: Trailer Reveals a Dig at Normal plus Paul Bettany Speaks

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Marvel?s new take at the Fantastic Four is genius.

The Fantastic Four is revealed in a trailer which I managed to see yesterday, and as far as being real goes, the trailer didn?t really reveal the Fantastic Four in all their magnificent weirdness. We see Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm and Ben Grimm as themselves?not yet as Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Girl, Human Torch and The Thing. Is this a dig at what the movie?s plot will eventually try to show?

We take a look at this Sydney Morning Herald report which provides the trailer for the movie. We?re going to take a closer look, because?hey, you never know when the villains will pop-up in the trailer. Also, in other Marvel news, Den of Geek has this article where Paul Bettany?The Vision in Marvel?s Age of Ultron?speaks about his role. He also hints that the Vision?s appearance in the said movie won?t probably be the last.

Marvel?s Fantastic Four before they became Fantastic

As per Sydney Morning Herald, the trailer is riding on a fad.

That fad being?as per Sydney Morning Herald?a trailer of a trailer yet to come. However, this particular snippet brings to us a Fantastic Four which is different from the last. You could see the cartoon treatment in the previous Fantastic Four installment. This Fantastic Four seems to be trying to connect to humanity, or at least, a re-introduction to the normalcy they lost when they went into the Negative Zone.

What we see in the trailer from Sydney Morning Herald are only glimpses of the greatness awaiting Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben. However, another fad that they seem to be riding on is the re-connection to reality, which seems to be a trend happening in superhero movies.

Paul Bettany in for the Long Haul?

At least now we know Paul Bettany is playing The Vision, but it?s a good thing for him.

The goodness of playing a Marvel Superhero?as per Den of Geek?is that the jobs will come, and all you have to do is to keep doing the movies. Avengers, for instance, will still have movies showing after it?and Bettany?s character, Vision, might appear in other films as long as it?s in the Marvel Universe. As per Den of Geek, Bettany says that the Vision will appear in other movies, although of course they aren?t revealed just yet.

That?s just one side of the story, but every actor knows that superhero movies can only get you so far in your career. Did Bettany do the right thing in this case? Well, he has a job for the foreseeable future?who can blame him for choosing security?

The Direction of Marvel Movies

At the very least, we see a Marvel movie studio committed to making superhero movies that are as close to reality as possible, no matter how far-fetched the heroes are or how unbelievable the circumstances may be. Kudos to them for doing that?however, will everyone agree with this direction that they are taking?


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