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Marvel Toy Fair 2015: Black Widow, Female Characters Dilemma plus Joss Whedon Avengers Discussions

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The females will surely react to this.

There are a lot of reasons why boys and girls play with Marvel toys. It?s either they?ve read them in the comic books and want to relive their exploits?or they want to re-enact the scenes in the movies they?ve watched (the generation of today). However, it doesn?t look like fairness and equality gets to follow even the toys. Whereas the female heroes are presented at par with the male ones in cinemas, io9 reports an alarming absence of female figures in the Marvel Toy Fair.

In other news, this Radio Times article takes a look at how Joss Whedon had been doing. Joss had been great directing Marvel?s Avengers franchise, and is looking to do at least two more for the comic book studio. However, are we looking at a Joss Whedon-less future? Joss says everything has a beginning and an end, and it looks like that holds true with the Avengers director.

Marvel?s Female Toy Problem

Even the problem of female representation permeates into action figures.

As per io9, those looking for female figurines of Agents May, Simmons, Skye and Peggy Carter?all agents of SHIELD?will be sorely disappointed to see them missing from the stacks. Io9?s article even goes so far to report that Gamora was only present because she was packaged with the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy, while sister Nebula had her visage on a Lego figurine. The cause of this may be more obvious than earlier known.

There appears to be a male dominance whenever superheroes are discussed, in whatever form?material toys or video games. However, it seems the reason for this is because companies think that toy consumers are composed largely of males?which explains the absence, if not glaring lack, of a few key female figurines. So much for equality, eh?

Joss Whedon Ready to Say Goodbye?

Joss Whedon has a busy schedule ahead of him?and it seems it may be taking its toll on him. As per Radio Times, Joss Whedon is in the thick of directing or at least, formulating the script for the next Avengers film after Age of Ultron. He, however, as per the Radio Times article, doesn?t think he can keep on doing superhero movies until he grows old.

Call it whatever you may want, but it?s only understandable why Joss Whedon wants to stray away from it. It might be stress emanating from the constant pleasing of a huge fanbase or from executives, or from the onslaught of films one after the other. However, Joss may want to do other things other than superhero movies, and that may be the key reason why he wants out of the Marvel movie machine.

Marvel?s Future

Hopefully the powers-that-be at Marvel understands the need for all superheroes?and not just the dominant male?to be present at the stacks, in Marvel?s Toy Fair 2015 or even beyond. If they?re gunning for equality, that?s one of the ways they can be fair. We should also expect Joss Whedon to leave, but if he does, we should understand; he?s also human, after all.

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