Joss Whedon’s Life After ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’: Will He Join DC?

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All good things have to come to an end sometimes, and if that end comes, then another good thing could sprout from it. That?s what it appears to be with Joss Whedon who’s seeing his time with Avengers coming to a close but not after the final Avengers film. There are still wars left to be fought, ideologies left to be explored, and ideas left to be taken a look at. Avengers still need Whedon at the helm.

However, that doesn?t mean he?s not open to exploring other projects.

According to?Screen Rant, like most free-lance artists, Whedon is probably thinking about directing a film based on a female vigilante?right after directing Avengers: Age of Ultron. He might create a revolution with Bat-Girl, as speculations claim ?or he may not.

Joss Whedon to explore other options

Whedon, for the better part of his stay with Marvel, has been credited with the success that Avengers is enjoying right now.

However, as most things come to an end, so does Wheadon?s stay in Marvel. As per Screen Rant, the director?enjoys his time and his work with Marvel. However, he does have a point when he says he?s created a world and now he wants to go and create a new one. Most would credit Whedon for being a part of a series of shows with women in the lead?Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Firefly, as noted by Screen Rant. Joss feels he is ready to do more like that in movies?perhaps a DC Batgirl movie, or a Marvel Captain Marvel movie?

All?s well that ends well, and Wheadon may be looking for a new direction. With news that he won?t be on hand to direct Avengers 3 & 4, the time may be ripe for him to explore other options.

Agent Carter?s Ant-Man connection

Meanwhile, Ant-Man is fast approaching, and it looks like Peggy Carter will have to play the role of motivational coach once again, according to?Cinema Blend.

She will be appearing in two of Marvel?s properties: first off, she will be helping Ant-Man Hank Pym test his suit in the Ant-Man prequel comic, and she will be played by Hayley Atwell once again in the Ant-Man movie, as reported on Cinema Blend. This only signifies Peggy Carter?s importance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In turn, it also means good things for Atwell, who is currently playing the agent extraordinaire in the Agent Carter limited series for ABC, added?Cinema Blend.

In contrast, Atwell seems to be enjoying her stay in Marvel. With the impending appearance of Peggy Carter in the movies, and as an integral part of SHIELD, it looks like she will be appearing in Marvel movies for the foreseeable future.

A Connected Universe

Even without Joss Whedon, who might decide to take on Captain Marvel after all, his legacy can already be attributed in the creation of a cohesive universe for Marvel. Prequel comics such as the one done for Ant-Man only helps in connecting the dots in an extensive universe which turns out to be as exciting as the one seen in the comic books.


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