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Marvel: Thor tackles Sensitive Issue Her Way plus a Marvel Contest of Champions Peek

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Comic books have been a changing landscape as of late. With the radical changes that Marvel has since done to their line-up?including giving the female population more of a voice in things by giving the hammer of Thor to a female and creating an all-female Avengers team?Marvel has given readers like 11-year old Rowan Hansen a reason to read comic books the way it?s meant to be read?for all people, regardless of gender.

It also makes for a more interesting Thor, one whose identity we still have to find out.

So we take a look at what this Guardian article presents about the current Thor; this furious femme has what it takes to battle heroes which Thor Odinson would usually have a hard time with, and also proves capable of wielding the hammer of Thor. Also, we take a look at this Mac World article about Marvel?s Contest of Champions?is it every bit the game we?re all expecting from Marvel? Read on.

The Changing Landscape of Thor

It might just be a comic book panel, but this issue of Thor says everything.

As per The Guardian, the latest Thor issue packs quite a punch sending a message to people who says a female Thor isn?t going to work?in the form of the female Thor punching the villain Absorbing Man, giving him a piece of her mind. It appears to be an effort to show that just because the hammer wielder is a female, nothing?s changed; if any, it shows that the female Thor appears to have more control of the enchanted uru hammer, seeing as how the newly-wielded hammer?s behavior confused the Absorbing Man.

It might be a sign of things to come, as well as the trend with the all-female Avengers is. It works as a refresher for comics, and at the same time, gives something back to the growing female audience of comic books.

Marvel?s Contest of Champions doesn?t disappoint

This news from Mac World gives us a look at Marvel?s response to Injustice GAU.

Marvel?s Contest of Champions is Ka-Blam?s offering to players who want to see what Injustice could look like if Marvel characters were available to pick. This was the collective effort to produce an able response, and the result appears to be good, if not great. By no means is this game far ahead than Injustice GAU, but it makes work with what it has?superb and immersive backgrounds, as per The Guardian, and a great mix of freemium and in-app purchasing.

Marvel?s fans finally have something on their hands which answers right back to Injustice. However, the better part of it may be that you?re never forced to pay just to have fun, something which very few games so far have perfected or at least given players a good glimpse of.

Marvel?s moves: Good so far

Marvel seems to have been pushing the right buttons as of late, and the moves with Thor and Contest of Champions seemed to be aimed at pleasing an ever-fickle following which demands quality for every bit of support they give. It?s a nice gesture, for sure, and one which should resonate for a long time.


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