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Marvel: Take-aways from the Fantastic Four Trailer and the Arrival of Secret Wars

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Well, well, the hype machine just keeps running, doesn?t it?

Marvel certainly doesn?t know the meaning of keeping silent and has certainly been busy. It?s certainly keeping itself busy with superhero movies coming this year?aside from Ant-Man and Avengers: Age of Ultron, both of which fall under the Marvel Studios umbrella, it?s got Fantastic Four coming up. The tale of the fabulous foursome of Reed, Sue, Johnny and Ben gets re-vamped in the movie they?ve got planned, as per Food World News, and there?s also a trailer coming up.

Aside from that, Marvel is keeping itself busy in the other front. We?ve explained in past entries how Marvel might be revamping its universe to make way for the injection of new content coming from cinema. This time around, this The Star article gives us a way on checking up on Secret Wars once more. Might there be something we?ve missed out on? Let?s find out.

The Fantastic Four Trailer Shows Everything

It?s been a long time coming for this Fantastic Four revamp.

There had been whispers of this news here and there, but?of all articles and places?this Food World News brings to us the trailer for the new ?Fantastic Four? movie done by Fox. It?s a different story?understandably?from the one which starred the now-Captain America as Johnny Storm and featured the likes of Jessica Alba and Ioan Gruffud. However, it didn?t sit well with the critics?understandably so, since superhero movies rarely sit well with the critics.

What does this new Fantastic Four give us? Well, for starters, a different origin story than that of the last. A different villain too, perhaps? As it appears, that?s not all people are going to see. It?s evident enough in this trailer, which appears on the Food World News as well:

[jwplayer mediaid=”108924″]

Marvel Universe?s Endgame

So it seems Marvel?s march towards a completely different universe cannot be stopped.

In May, we might begin to see a completely different universe than the one we have right now. The Ultimate and the Marvel Universes will clash against one another in Battleworld, the main setting for the Secret Wars storyline, as per The Star. As per the article again, this paves the way for the possible return of some characters which the movies proved popular?for instance, Spider-Man Peter Parker?s original love, Gwen Stacy.

While it certainly will be confusing at the beginning, this Marvel re-vamp should augur well for Marvel Comics. As superhero movies become more and more popular, this makes a way for comic books to stay in the groove of these movies.

A Thrilling Year

Big movies and big events certainly make for a delightful mix, doesn?t it?

Marvel?s got all their bases covered?Secret Wars could run for some weeks at best, while the Marvel movies are just marching along. Will Marvel keep their dominance in entertainment for long? With DC?s movies still a year away, we might just see Marvel permeate the landscape. But until DC begins to show their movies, we never know.


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