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Marvel: Spider-Man Civil War Appearance and Agent Carter Discussion

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Things are shaking up in Marvel, and this might be a sign of things to come.

What?s shaking them up is the discussion of whether Spider-Man will be able to make an appearance in a Marvel Studios-backed film. Forget the discussion about who?s going to play him if it does happen?it has to happen first somehow. As this Comic Book article suggests, the earliest we may get to see the Web-Slinger is in Captain America: Civil War, and there?s still a big ?if? in the discussion.

We also take a look at another big shaker in the Marvel Universe?the adventures of agent Peggy Carter, Captain America?s first squeeze and a SHIELD legend. As per Deadline, the current direction of the show suggests a second look at some characters which we only saw in the first Captain America film. Will Howard Stark?s life be given a more definite look in this series? We should know as it eventually progresses.

Spider-Man Surfaces Sooner than We Think

Spider-Man?s fate may be decided sooner than later.

Right now, Sony holds the rights to making a ton of Spider-Man films, but that might soon change. As per Cinema Blend, Sony?s troubles are only compounding. The article itself cites the trouble being that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 wasn?t the film everyone wanted to see, and that might help in getting Spider-Man included in the Captain America: Civil War roster, despite the presence of a few more Spider-Man films from Sony such as the Sinister Six and an Amazing Spider-Man 3.

What?s got me curious is the choice of a male lead if ever Marvel manages to get the rights to Spidey. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield both portrayed unique versions of Peter Parker, but will either one are tapped to reprise the role for Marvel? We might get to see that once the year for Captain America: Civil War nears.

Howard Stark?s Second Life

Howard Stark, a pivotal character in the Agent Carter series, finally makes an appearance.

Contrary to what many expects, Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) joins Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) in one of the series? episodes, as per Deadline. It is in here that Deadline pops the question about the film?will there be any possible connections between this show and Marvel?s Agents of SHIELD, seeing that Peggy Carter is indeed one of the agents of a very early incarnation of SHIELD? Perhaps, says Jeph Loeb, as per the Deadline article.

It?s all connected, and this seems like a dig at the cohesive universe that Marvel is trying to create. Will there be more of this in Marvel?s upcoming series? Will there also be appearances from the movies?

The Idea of a Connected Universe

Will Agent Carter pave the way for inter-connectivity of the Cinematic Universe, where the movie characters can appear in the TV series and vice versa? It remains to be seen, but if ever Marvel manages to pull it off, it would certainly be a big thing. It could even be a benchmark for Marvel?s plans as they move along.


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