Marvel News: Samuel L. Jackson Talks; Spider-Man Swings into Movies

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Marvel digs into some pretty big news as of late.

Samuel L. Jackson has been in Marvel?s movies starting from Iron Man 2 up to the current Captain America movie, and as a result, he?s been a pretty familiar fixture fans have come to expect. His portrayal of the mercurial Nick Fury has been marvelous?pardon the pun?although of course, all good things eventually comes to an end, whenever that may be. Sadly, in this MTV UK report, things might be ending for the patched director of SHIELD?or at least, the character that portrays him.

Another news?and one which, in one way or another, we?ve all been waiting for?is that Spider-Man is finally coming to Marvel Movies! Io9 brings us the report that the Masked Menace?in J. Jonah Jameson?s words?is about to make a splash on the big screen, albeit under a different studio. While we could either be excited or not, let?s take a look at what impact Spidey will have when he appears along with the rest of the Avengers in Civil War.

Samuel L. Jackson on Remaining Marvel Movies

Samuel L. Jackson finally warns fans who expect to see him return for more Marvel goodness that his days?eventually?are numbered.

The man who plays Nick Fury in Marvel?s movies have said?as per MTV UK?that it might be the end of the line for him. That may be the case, unless he gets an extension of some sort from the powers-that-be, as per the same report. However, that?s not to say that Jackson wasn?t open to a sort of continuation of the role, saying that he enjoyed playing Fury, and would love to continue to do so, as long as Marvel had the need for him.

Samuel L. Jackson?s portrayal of Nick Fury is increasingly fun to watch, and his self-assurance is a relief against villains who are truly evil. Would we continue to see Jackson in Marvel movies? Unless someone among the higher-ups does something about it, Jackson may have waxed prophetic here.

Spider-Man Joins the Cast

The cat is finally out of the bag, at last; as per io9, Spider-Man is finally coming to Marvel, and he is being portrayed by Andrew Garfield.

This after some reports that appeared on io9 confirmed that he is indeed coming as a part of Marvel?s upcoming Captain America: Civil War. This also means that Garfield will be doing films for Marvel instead of Sony, and that all Spidey movies moving forward will be done by Marvel, as per io9. That should bring a smile to fans of Garfield playing Spidey, seeing as he made a more believable Peter Parker.

What?s exciting about this is that there are more characters that could come aboard as the Spidey deal pushes through. This makes for a more cohesive and more informative Marvel Cinematic Universe than first thought of.

Marvel?s Hands are revealed

It?s sad to see a familiar face in Samuel L. Jackson go, but that should also pave the way for some studio bigwigs to act quickly. Also, that Spider-Man is finally coming to Marvel is very interesting. The Marvel Cinematic Universe appears to be slowly coming into fore with this development pushing through.


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