Marvel News: Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter Role, Plus an Ant-Man Connection?

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Perhaps, Hayley Atwell?s biggest project has been Captain America.

The actress signed up with Marvel to play Captain America?s original love interest?Agent Peggy Carter of the Strategic Scientific Reserve?without knowing what was going to happen to her role. But, through a stroke of luck combined with smart acting, Atwell was able to secure her calling card. As per Charlotte Observer, we see Hayley Atwell enjoying her time with Marvel?however long it lasts?and talks about further expanding Peggy Carter?s roles in the movies.

How about Superhero Hype?s article? In this articke, we take a look at another Marvel Studios property, Ant-Man. As we all know, Ant-Man is expected in theatres the middle of this year. With this, we take a look at a prequel comic book where we see Ant-Man conversing with an already aged Peggy Carter. Does this hint that Hayley Atwell may also make an appearance in the movie?albeit under very heavy make-up?

Hayley Atwell?s Calling Card

Hayley Atwell is clearly enjoying being part of the Marvel family.

In the Charlotte Observer article, she states she was “over the moon” at having snagged the part of Peggy Carter in Captain America. The part extended to another appearance in a Captain America movie and a series is a bonus, perhaps. She also seems to be genuinely interested in making the part hers, exploring the character in-depth and adding more to her personality.

Whether she can handle the stress of being a high-octane heroine is left to be seen. Atwell has since done her own stunts, including jumping on top of a vehicle before firing her weapon. Still, if the rigors of action don?t burn her out, then it?s safe to say that Atwell is here to stay.

The Ant-Man and SHIELD Connection

Atwell may or may not be indirectly involved in another Marvel project.

Paul Rudd?s Ant-Man, which shows middle of this year, may see more Atwell involved in it. In this movie, Peggy Carter has considerably aged, although she is still as involved as ever in the affairs of SHIELD. According to Superhero Hype, a prequel comic book is being done well-before the movie comes out. In this comic book, we’ll reportedly see exactly what kind of role Peggy will be playing; the same as when Steve Rogers was first testing out his vibranium shield.

Will this mean that other characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe appear in the movie? Hopefully so, since this will make their own Universe even more cohesive than first thought out.

Atwell Set for Life

If her name wasn?t as rosy as it is now, then Atwell has a lot to be thankful for. While Ant-Man is still far-away, and her series is still in full-swing, she should be thankful that these projects are just some of many she will be doing for Marvel.


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