?Marvel? New Superhero ?Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur?: Pre-teen Super Genius And Sidekick Dinosaur Better Than Rocket-Groot Tandem?

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Marvel?s cute tandems should watch out for the new comic book release of ?Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.? Marvel universe?s new comic will definitely roll out a whole new set of comic book readers that will definitely give a new superhero to comic fans that they can look forward to.

?Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur,? is kind of a prequel to Jack Kirby?s creation of ?Devil Dinosaur? which was published by Marvel in 1978, according to Entertainment Weekly. The previous comic was about a red Tyrannosaurus Rex and his caveman-like friend, Moon Boy, which was unfortunately short-lived, shared by Entertainment Weekly.

Devil Dinosaur will have a new female companion which would of course be called Moon Girl, in the new story written by Amy Reeder (Madame Xanadu) and Brandon Montclare (Rocket Girl. Fear Itself: Fearsome Four).

Moon Girl

The new female superhero from Marvel is described as a pre-teen super genius named Lunella Lafayette, posted by Entertainment Weekly. The genesis for Moon Girl came from a simple conversation between the creative team, when they realized Marvel had a limited number of characters that all ages could relate to, according to Emily Shaw, Assistant Editor of the new Marvel Comic.

Apparently it was Reeder and Montclare?s enthusiasm for the book that made the writers the perfect fit for ?Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.? ?What really attracted Mark and I to the original Moon Girl pitch was how Amy and Brendan came to this world,? Shaw said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. ?The character lives in this world where people don?t really get her? that her brain just works a little differently than all of the other kids her age really resonated with us, and that idea of feeling sort of isolated and on your own during that very early time of life we thought was really compelling, and could really resonate with a lot of readers,? she added.

Devil Dinosaur

With Devil Dinosaur?s era taking place on an alternate universe where dinosaur?s co-existed with cavemen humanoid, there will be the challenge of bringing those adventure?s into modern life. ?What?s really cool is to be able to put a Tyrannosaurus Rex in modern day New York City and also juxtapose with a little girl,? Montclare said from Entertainment Weekly. ?You?re going to have a 30-foot dinosaur interacting with a three-and-a-half tall girl,? Montclare added.

?I can?t think of any other book that?s kind of like that, where you have these kinds of crazy things that are going to be very difficult to work on. But if everyone can pull it off, it?s going to be a unique type of storytelling.?

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur vs. Marvel Characters

Don?t underestimate the genius of Moon Girl and the ferocity of Devil Dinosaur. Compared to some of the Marvel characters, the new tandem will bring in a new kind of experience to comic readers around the world. Rocket Raccoon and Groot should be scared if they ever cross path?s with them in the Marvel Universe.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur?s relationship will premier sometime this fall, according to io9. It will surely be a start of something amazing.


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