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Marvel Movies: Civil War and Comic Book Movie Talks

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Marvel?s Civil War movie is up-and-coming, so let?s talk about that for a while.

In the comics, the Civil War happens based on the trampling of rights of a group?there are the heroes who want to be responsible for their actions, headed by Tony Stark. On the other side, a group is lobbying for the power to keep their identities secret, with Captain America at the helm. Obviously, the clash of ideologies is not going to work. Will it work when brought to the movies? This io9 article apparently doesn?t think so, and let?s find out why.

Also, in line with the Convergence and Secret Wars stories running rampant in the comic book world, it is said that movies have a large part to play in why they?re suddenly changing storylines, adjusting timelines and whatnot. As we all know, Marvel and DC have been busy making movies and these, in turn, does something to the comic book storylines. The Screen Crush article provides an answer to the question of ?what?s with all these storyline changing events??

Marvel?s Civil War: A Different Take is needed

As per io9, a different Civil War needs to be seen on the silver screen.

In the comics, Civil War is fought when the Superhero Registration Act is enacted. It erupts when heroes who aren?t in favor of revealing their identities goes rogue, going against their brethren who have embraced the act, and are working in tandem with the now-government backed SHIELD, led by Tony Stark as director and employing people like Spider-Man and others. However, there?re repercussions.

While it?s a nice gesture, as per Screen Crush, moviegoers needs to see something other than ?murderous tyrants vs. illegal vigilantes?, or so io9 says. Knowing the MCU, however, they will find a way to keep the movie version separate from what had happened in the comic books?an alternate universe, remember?

Movies encroaching on Comic Books

Speaking of alternate universes, lately there has been an on-going trend in comic books where reality-altering events have been happening, as per Screen Crush. That is proven to be true with storylines such as Convergence and Secret Wars happening, where it appears DC and Marvel are both giving in to fan-service by pitting heroes across different timelines against each other. However, the plot runs deeper than that generalization.

What Marvel and DC is really trying to do, as per Screen Crush, is trying to make space and re-do these timelines so that the movie incarnations can act as companions to their on-screen counterparts. This might seem wrong, but so far, it appears to be the truth. There doesn?t seem to be anything else that proves otherwise. We even see the characters that have appeared in successful film franchises?New 52 Batman and Superman, current Tony Stark and Thor, Captain America?looking more and more like their movie counterparts.

What Does This Mean?

We might be on the edge of a precipice.

Movies may eventually begin to dictate, or even become a spring-board, for better comic book storylines. In the case of Civil War, we may see an event-wiping storyline which aims to better what had happened, or Marvel may deem the earlier story well enough for most audiences save others who are really hard to please. Movies may also serve as a vehicle for improving the appearances of already existing characters, as well.


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